Concept: (Don't take this seriously it's 5 am)


disclaimer: if some MOIRA-SOUNDING ppl come in here talking about my FOOLISHNESS and the IMPRACTICALITIES i swear to god i will be mildly annoyed. i know it would be more trouble than it’s worth to make walls be able to be passed through. i know this. but listne. listen. just forget logic for a moment and imagine…


Would it surprise you to know the development team have actually considered the viability of the possibility?

Oh and one other thing…


Jokes on you it’s 11 am at EU mwhahahaha.

Though there can certainly make tank that can create portals into thin walls that you can phase through.

It could lead to out of bounders bugs so it’s unlikely.

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Well we heard it here, roaches and nydus worms would have been apart of the game. I would have been calling it Overswarm(or Overmind) if it went through instead of being canned.

It would genuinely be a futile effort to design an entire mechanic around such a foolish idea. This concept is stupid and stupidity is not a right. I am disturbed that you believe Blizzard would license the “Kool-Aid Man” for something so utterly impractical.

Reaper says hi.

I do hate the worms… I always pick the mission to destroy the Nydus network on the Wings of Liberty campaign every time…

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I can only imagine trying to make portal for it to spawn 10m above me. :smiley:

Sometime did that in the workshop a few months ago I believe.

I can’t believe this is the post that was noticed by greenman MVP tech support. It’s an honor.

Also yeah I figured that if it was thought about it would be scrapped as soon as the immediate next thoughts of the difficulty of implementing it and the amount of bugs it would invite came around

You’ve done it now. [shakes fist in exasperation]

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You’re right, I remember that.

But the more concern would be maps balance here, it could lead to crazy unfair advantages for attacking team.

I don’t know much about game creating but that sounds like pain to make working well in competitive aspect.

Just remember, I am only a player like you but try to be someone who works to be open, informative, and helpful. Forum MVPs are not Blizzard representatives.


i know, ur still cool tho. :heart:

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I hope there will be an influx of blues on the forums after blizzcon. Everyone here and on the other forums are starving for Blizzard Senpai’s attention/information.

Wait, is that also the burrowing concept or are they different things?

Burrowing I could see being a bit more viable depending on the Player POV. Doomfist’s ultimate could be seen as sort of a burrowing concept if you think about it.

I think a burrowing hero might end up working kinda like Sym’s teleporter, but who really knows.

It could be really cool though: You’re chilling on King’s Row B and then Big Daddy suddenly crashes your point and brings his friends.