Computer hard crashing after playing for a few minutes

This started on and off around a week ago, but as of yesterday it has happened every time I have launched the game.

Some short background, I have a custom build pc (intel i5 4690, Radeon r9 390, 700W PSU, 16 GB Ram) and around a year ago i was having this same issue where my computer would basically just hard crash into a black screen, yet my pc would still be “on” (fans running, lights still on). I figured out that it had to do with power consumption, so I upgraded from a 500W to a 700W and everything was fine. Up until this past week.

Now, when I launch overwatch, it runs for a few minutes but when I hop into a game I would crash after ~2 minutes of quick play. The things I have tried so far were: making sure windows is completely up to date, unplugging, dusting, and putting back together part of my PC to check for lose cables, following the crashing due to razer chroma issue guide,, and most recently (these next two allowed me to play 3-6 games before i crashed), unplugging a case fan to test if it was the same issue as I encountered last year, and reinstalling overwatch.

To clarify what I mean by crash, my game will freeze for around a second or two before my monitor goes black (and sometimes it is accompanied by a kinda loud buzzing noise), almost as if my pc just got disconnected from my monitor. After the crash, my pc looks like it is still running with the case fans on and lit up, but nothing happens so I have to force shut it down. This has happened around 10 times in the past 2 days, making playing overwatch impossible.

I am completely out of ideas on what could be causing this, and it is extremely frustrating. Does anyone have any suggestions?

This sounds like a hardware issue with your screen. Are you able to recover from the black screen or do you have to force a shut down?

I have to force shut down. The only reason I don’t think it is an issue wth my screen is that it only happens in overwatch.

You might be able to see what happened in the Windows Event viewer (Start > Event Viewer > Windows > System Logs (or it might be in the other logs marked with a red ! point), but if not, try running a DxDiag and providing it here. Use the </> icon above the posting window to post it.