Competitive SR loss with leavers


Are you sure? Because I rejoined immediately and deranked mid-match regardless. My team noted “You were plat when you started this game.” I’m relatively sure it’s immediate.


Well that’s the brakes, no one likes getting a leaver but the current system is better than one that could be heavily abused like what you want


I think they should just let the leaver have 3 minutes to come back, pause the game, and if he doesn’t SEASON BAN, disband the game.


I agree with this for the main reason of pausing the game like the option in custom game


Well i dk about your experience but I personally have DC’d from a match because my internet cut out. I rejoined within about a minute and we ended up winning, I did not lose any SR and gained the normal amount for a win. That’s why there’s the 1-2 minute leaver penalty warning period in competitive when someone leaves because that’s their window to return without being penalized, after the period expires they get penalized and anyone on their team can leave but they still lose the normal amount of SR


Season ban after just 1 leave? Too harsh, it should be 3 leaves then season ban, and no pausing or disbanding the game that would be extremely frustrating for the enemy team


i would say the pausing system should be added for the leaver but should just be in a skirmish like situation


I lost one game because of a leaver and lost about 22 SR. Won the next one vs three top 500s by deflecting a grav, got 8 SR…

I’ve won as little as 2 SR, I feel like that is way more frustrating, cause you never lose less than 15.


I theorized about a system like that.

The system pauses the match and reverts to a skirmish mode. All points and capture progress or payload distance is frozen. When the teams are filled again, the match goes back to where it was, although teams spawn equidistant from the objective.


I feel as if that system should be added and the devs could consider that as a leaver system


If the penalty is harsh no one in the game will have any issue with a few paused/disbanded games so long as people creating uneven teams are dealt with.
If you think 3 minutes is too short, sure make it 10 minutes.

What is not fair in anyway is uneven number of teams lose or win. It just makes SR meaningless.


Of course we don’t like it when we get leavers on our team. Losing 5v6 or 4v6 etc. isn’t fair but it would be equally unfair if a match was disbanded and a team gets a victory yoinked all because 1 person left. And pausing the entire match every single time like in OWL isn’t feasible and would be very inconvenient. The reason they do it in OWL is because it’s professional competition and it actually matters (they get paid) unlike us and our games


Of course people would not like it but people would most likely prefer that over losing a ton of sr over one person leaving.


Since no one has touched up on it, I will point out back in season 1, there was a handicap applied to the SR calculation when there was a leaver, but because it caused worse problems than what we have now, it was removed. Details here:



Well it’s not happening because any system like the ones being proposed in this thread would just cause more problems than it solves


I actually didn’t even kno about that. But i wasn’t there for season 1, my first season was season 5


Yeah there was a LOT of changes in the first three months of Overwatch, most of which many of the common questions ask about today. One reason why I created the dev post directory.


I’ve had a game where 4 members left. At that point, just give the enemy team some SR and don’t take ours away.
I just had to let the timer go down


I feel as if they should add this feature again but update it to where it’s if 3 or more people leave for you to lose no sr and if 2 or less leave then you lose only about 10


The problem I see there is that once you have the initial leaver (the person who started the whole problem to begin with) is that you would get people bullying others to leave before the once the 2:00 minute timer expired and the forfeit option (where you can leave without getting suspended) is available.

To illustrate here are steps this would start to happen:

  1. The initial leaver leaves, and the 2 minute timer begins.
  2. 2-minute timer expires, one player begins to be toxic at all other players, telling them to leave and refuses to leave themselves in order to save their own SR if they can be the third leaver.

Remember that the 2-minute timer is a courtesy for players to take the loss and just get started on a new match if they feel there is no way to win a 5 versus 6, but taking the SR deduction for that loss insures no collusion or player bullying will occur.