Competitive glitch affecting my SR

Hello, I had this issue where I searched for a comp game, cancelled my queue and it somehow showed that I was suspended for 10 minutes and I lost 50 SR (from 2653 to 2603). I cancelled my queue because I decided to get off the game for the day but I still somehow lost SR in the process. I was wondering if there was a way I could retrieve my SR. Thank you.

As it stands, SR isn’t adjusted for any reason.

This still doesn’t excuse you from removing SR for clicking cancel, if the option is there to click it should not affect my SR. This literally just happened to me. I hit comp q and hit cancel. Never saw a MATCH FOUND or a load screen, but was hit with a leaver. It is inexcusable to punish a player for using an available option before even joining a game.

Me? I don’t work at Blizz. If you want change to happen with the system, calmly express it in the Comp or General forum.

Hello there. This has been a glitch I have been personally observing since the start of season 17 and seeing it being reported frequently in the Bug Report forum. Basically the theory is that you were paired into a match at the same time you clicked cancel and this is happening often to many players because matchmaking has dramatically changed to have really fast queue times (most likely in anticipation for the upcoming Role Queue patch). The game client tried to exit out while the server marked you as absent. Until any news of this is addressed by Blizzard, be sure to only queue for a Competitive game if you are absolutely ready to play.

I am personally hopeful this issue will be resolved when the new patch launches, but this is a speculation. In any case, no penalties can be reversed even due to this unintended behavior. The good news is that if this was just a one time issue, you are likely to rebalance your SR to your hidden matchmaking rating by simply getting in a few matches to completion.