Competitive Community

I’m looking to put together a console overwatch community of adults who enjoy playing the game in a coordinated manner, like to communicate and work together to climb. The aim is to grow the community large enough that everyone always has someone to grind overwatch with at any given time. Adults can get busy between work and other responsibilities, this community will be understanding of that, all that we’d ask is that when you do make a commitment please try to stick with it and not waste other people’s time. I’m looking for age group of 21 years of age and up. Eventually I will throw up a forum based website to organize things when we gain 10 or more members to the community. Please send in-game tag and platform and age and we can get the ball rolling.

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Im interested. 27 here turning 28. Play pretty much everyday in the evening. Peaked diamond on tank & dps; peaked masters on support. Can play mostly every hero to some degree in relation to my rank. Willing to flex que. I made a new account tho due to the rank issues so here is my gamer tag if interested: TIZY#11306

I forgot to say it was for console. I wouldn’t maind including multiple platforms but my initial idea was for console.

Have you found anymore people to play comp with ?

Nope, not yet. I’ve actually posted a few different times in this section and it usually doesn’t yield any results but I figured what the heck, can’t hurt to try I guess. Granted back then I had considerably more time to game. I’m a working adult and sometimes work odd schedules and between that and family the time frames I can play and mic up aren’t always easy for others to follow so no worries either way. But if you’d like to give it a try you can add my alt account which is smurf223#1261.

No I don’t Smurf. The name was a joke that stems from someone accusing me of smurfing back in the day so I ran with it lol. I’m plat on that account. No big deal.

I’m an older dude who plays console, NA East. I’m high ranked but down for QP if others aren’t. I play Lucio/Brig. SombrasFeet9 #1249

Showing some support to this poor wasteland that is the LFG forum

I don’t play the game much anymore and I’m starting to work more and closing hours but next time I log on I’ll add you and if it lines up to play at some point would be happy too. Quickplay is fine.

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