Competitive bug?

I play a lot of ranked on all the roles and am pretty confident at tank but for some reason whenever I rank up on tank I just get reset back to the beginning of masters 5 i have ranked up maybe 4 times now and i just get put back and then if i lose i get put to dia 1 tank is my best role and my supp and dps are high masters despite playing them the least i asked around and people said that its if your win rate was exactly 50 percent but i win so often wonder if anyone else has got the bug or if its a intended mechanic

This is indeed a big, feel free to post your issue in the bigger thread.

ive been in gold 3 since the beginning of s9 ive filled the meter 6 times and just reset every time

Same things happening to me. Im stuck at diamond 5 tank and diamond 4 support . Both fill the bar up and dont give me the next rank. Then next game I win starts from where the pecentage overflowed from. I have screenshots