Comp subscription $$ monthly needed per acct

To enjoy comp alot more and to reduce significant players that spam comp a monthly subscription is the best idea!!
$10 monthly OW subscription comp is the best way to fix it as we cant revert back


that is a terrible idea.


I understand the sentiment. But its one way to make sure i never play comp again.

And i probably wouldnt complain.

You got a better idea ?? Its a simple solution that many wont be happy with, but it would work as mostly the serious comp players will subscribe

dont charge a monthly fee like they are doing now. the game is aimed towards younger people, younger people are poor, this is basic economics.

The problem wont be fixed and i do agree with you. It being free creates too much havoc in comp.

My solution stands the best to eliminate significant spam to be the best idea.

If anyone else has a better solution the community would like to know too

The competitive experience is no longer competitive. It’s not fun 90% of the time and most people are barely finding the motivation to play OW. Put a price tag on competitive and they’ll just quit, the state of the MM isn’t good enough to charge.

define the problem of comp then and we can figure out something - like what do you mean players spam comp?

Players that pick whatever they want and dont care to learn. Down the alt smurf accts unless someone wants to pay more or cancel solo que be an option as no one would want to team woth such .

This will keep a better amount of serious players

these seem like 2 different problems that would need to be addressed individually.

alt smurf accounts - is your definition higher ranked player playing in a lower rank? or is it something else?

Alt accts playing low ranks along with players that dont care or leave is a disaster.

If every low rank worked together then the team could win over the smurf alt accounts.

Its a team game, not me although it can work in certain cases.

I guess easy answer too is just dont solo que ever again :rofl: time zones and schedules issue with many on that one

no, maybe if the game wasnt hot garbage they could chrage for it but right now, and with all the failed promises… LOL this game isnt worth anything. Its already mostly dead, want to truly kill it, add a sub fee. Actually add a Sub fee blizz so this game can die a hard death.

Role que could just be subscription and open be available to all.

Just advantage for serious players even if it is for a little which be nice.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Comp access should be limited to premium battle pass holders only.


I think paid service is good. paid servers with paid moderators. Cheating and smurfing can be banned on the spot. Overwatch has the replay tools to crack down on this. This is a great idea


Nah bro. Making people pay even more money simply to invest in the only semi-rewarding progression system in the game is a terrible idea.

i already had to pay 30$ for the hero’s . overwatch would die from bad publicity, now we could work this like tf2. where u can pay 10$ or link a phone number, a verified email, and like 20 hours on the game.

Agree, the f2p model only brings out more cheaters/throwers/smurfs/boosters.
If people have no skin in the game there is nothing to lose and nothing to gain.
Anyone saying they wouldn’t play are exactly the people this type of model is keeping out.

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the only thing i don’t really like about this idea is it being monthly just make it one time 10$ paywall

It has nothing to do with a paywall, the game doesnt offer anything worth paywalling. PvE content LOL cut, Skins already cost money, PVP garbage because the match maker is trash, balance is horrible. This game has nothing to offer for money. While a fee might save it from cheaters it isnt worth the fee