Comp Friends! EST


I’m Ess, Nice to meet you! :slight_smile:
Looking for a new friend to play comp with me? I’m currently Gold 1, lingering between there and Low Plat, Support main. I’m friendly, a little shy but chill, and around pretty much every day to play. I’ll be your loyal teammate and happy to chat at things OW and life with you on Discord - Let me know if you’re interested in being friends and tearing up some comp!



Hey! We’re an olderish and chill group who are looking for people to run with! We’re heavily people > game, but we do enjoy the win lol. If you’re interested, you can hmu on discord Aristogglez#7254 :slight_smile:

hey, you can add me on battlenet Stormi#11270 :slight_smile:

hey im gold 1 and plat normally looking for people to team up with on the daily heres my discord and BATTLE.NET - SlimdimMitch#2212 and discord - slim#7397.