Comp big succ (lost 100 sr due to losing connection)

Just because I got disconnected from the game doesn’t mean I should lose 100 SR for it an be suspended for 30 minutes. Its not even my fault that I disconnected as I play on a stable connection every day, have never left a game before, and all of a sudden this game gives me this punishment as if I leave every game.

I’m gonna call lies there. The first punishment isn’t a 30 minute suspension, it’s a 10 minute suspension. You never lose 100 SR for a DC, at max 50 on the role you were playing. This means you DC’d at least twice.

Then whose fault is it?

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100 SR means two suspensions. 10 minutes and 30 minutes

I disconnected once and was at 1861 SR now im at 1761 SR, haven’t played any games in between, and it legitimately says 30 minutes right on my screen

Again, this means two disconnects. The penalty is exclusively 50sr per leave or disconnect

The suspensions are 10 mins, 30 mins, 2 hours, 8 hours, 24 hours, then season ban

3 season bans is a permanent ban from comp.

The suspensions are cumulative, but can repeat or reduce if enough time passes, but it is ALWAYS 50 sr each time. No more, no less.

Please talk to your isp to correct your connectivity issues to avoid more sever punishment.

I don’t want to be rude but maybe try using Ethernet or just overall have better connection

I lost 3 matches because my team is complete trash.

On Sunday, I had okay matches, some losts, some wins but more wins overall. Not by much but enough to push rating by 120.

Today, I get 2 matches that ended lightning fast, lost ones of course, and then I was already getting utterly annoyed that I get these players in my team.

I decide to stop playing. Then I got back 4 hours later and I get even worse team. Started good, tunnel visioned everything else because “someone else will take care of that”. Hence I lost 86 SR in those 3 matches and I am not planing to go under 2300 for this season. I hoped to get above 2400 but alas, retards.

So there you have it, I want to play but have to stop because I will break something and don’t want to lose SR any more due to bad teams.

Hey everyone please remember to stop playing Competitive play if you disconnect once. Right now there is an ongoing issue where a large number of players are disconnecting. This seems to be related to those who have Charter/Spectrum service from what I have read.

In any case Blizzard does not remove penalties or restore lost skill rating. You can learn more in the link below. As always, it is easy to recover your SR within a few games played after you correct any issues as your skill rating and hidden matchmaking rating have to realign).

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