Comp auto kick?

I keep getting automatically kicked out a competitive game completely unable to join and then suddenly get banned without even joining a game, my internet is working and I can play quick play and arcade without issues, even right after the kick. but as soon as I go into comp it automatically kicked me out and bans me: this has happen twice and lowered my SR and I’m extremely frustrated. Has this happened to anyone? This may be dumb to ask but is there any way I can get my sr back? Am I even gunna get help or is this just a forum where people complain?

Competitive has different connection rules from that of casual modes. Once the matchmaker finds a match for you, that is your match and you are commited to it, so if there is a specific issue preventing you from connecting, it creates a leaver/queue-dodger penalty. Try to ensure absolutely nothing is going on within your home first that could cause such issues (even if your general internet connection is working).

Unfortunately no. Penalties still apply in order to encourage players to avoid the high-stakes competitive modes to not ruin the experience for other players. Details on this policy can be found here: