Community Update - 2022 in-game events (retail)

I mean yeah it is a good thing that they’re giving us any “content” at all but it’s a huge letdown imo knowing now that it’s just a bunch of re-colors…Like yeah it might be cool to look at in like 1 or 2 days but you will quickly just grow tired of it and want something new, lile you have to realise that giving us re-colors of already existing skins isn’t exactly content, and it isn’t even new.

They literally said that we would get more legenday skins than ever before, that makes probably most of us fans go "oh that’s cool, more never seen before legendary skins! Awesome!"

I highly doubt ppl would go the route of thinking it would be re-colors of already existing skins… If they already knew before that they would just give us re-colors of same skins why not just say so instead of hyping everyone up and thinking it was going to be something awesome??? It doesn’t make sense to me.


Please tell me that there will be a change where deadeye kills DVa inside her mech for the day

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It absolutely sucks, Archives also usually lines up with my University schedule so now I have to pray that Uprising, Retribution and the challenge missions happen to fall on one of the days i can play.

On top of that so many characters still lacked lore skins, Rein never got an Archives legendary… They legit F ed up my favorite event twice in a row.


So its really no new skin for 3 entire event (like 6+ month) and Just older recolor… Pve postponed… Closed beta to a luckly few Who get in… This Is getting more and more disappointing.


Are you sure those aren’t the April fools elements?
I mean, it is just 31 match here but still…

Mage Mercy will have her broomstick ?? cuz a mage doesnt have a broom but a scepter


does that mean we’ll have dr ziegler back??? please is the only mercy skin i dont own :frowning:


:+1: +1

The most annoying part is this actually sounds like an interesting idea aside from that.

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The Archives event is always one of the best! Can’t wait!

I missed Nihon Hanzo and Camo Mercy does this mean I have a chance to get those skins again?

That video is regional restricted by the ways (U.S. viewers can’t seem to watch it)

That’s 99.999999% going to be a resounding “No”, given the fact that it was the MvP skin for someone caught up in a sexual misconduct scandal. Something so bad that they even offered to refund players their league tokens and remove the skin from their collection entirely.

Aw man, I will miss their title screens and title music

Is there a list of the challenge skins that we’ve had so far?

i think this skin is like widowmake skin on pre roder, get one now or never

I mean, I honestly dont dislike the idea of Skin remixes, i think something like that is good. But taking away 3 full events for recolors feels really bad… had we gotten this back when we actually had content the general reaction would have been vastly positive imo.

I’m from Eastern Europe and I can’t either

Don’t worry about the music part, you can now listen to them here (and on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music):

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Uhhh hold up this sounds really good… If they can take some of my personal favorites and make them better, I’ll flip. But if they can take skins I don’t like and make them something I do… Now that would be hype