Coding amateur hour

I would be happy with just custom matchs or the arcade.

Also while 7v7 or 8v8 might be momentarily unbalanced, it would be for the benefit of the game overall to fix the dps queue.

Ya but in the process could kill the one reason why anyone would want to play dps to begin with, as in their damage output/ Elimination potential.

Imagine genji with even less damage? Reaper when he isn’t doing 240 dps to heal himself.

Not unknown, but for good reasons. It was causing game client and server crashes, and the bug was repaired. Again, just because something was achieved once through error, doesn’t mean it is stable and should stay. Technical performance in video games is something that has to be balanced too.

As far as even seeing a 7 versus 7, here is Jeff’s response to that.

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