Clans blizzard clans come on ranked has been trash and it still is!

What do clans fix?

  1. Lack of communication
  2. Throwers
  3. Knowing what characters people prefer and how they like to play.
  4. Quitters
  5. The ranked system

How hard is this guess what OWL is? It’s clans at the highest play level. But we can all get the same benefits from it for the most part.

On console all we can do to stop throwers is report but hey there are a bunch of accounts the person can play from so it doesn’t stop them. Once you are booted from the clan the rest of the members don’t have to put up or be victim to your throwing.


They will never do this because people who arent team players will get shafted and they wont be able to “balance” matches as easily.

Overwatch 2 is more important to the Devs right now. Overwatch 1 is not a priority. At all.

Not a team player in a team game? That should be punished more harshly than mass genocide. They should go play Fortnite solos if they want to prove their individual worth. This is a team game and it’s about time it gets played that way.

Give us sqauds/teams/guilds/clans/whatevers already, Blizzard.


Clans clans clans! I’m all for it. You can’t go wrong with adding clan system.

I still have friends I often talk and play with from my clan in a game I played 15 years ago.


Yes please, game is almost 4 years old and we still dont have community/clan/guild system implemented, sad.


Blizzard is considering Guilds. But if Overwatch wants guilds, they want it throughout all Blizzard games. Not sure about any other information regarding Guilds, but it’s the closest I have knowledge on that is close to clans.

The last information I heard was they would make guilds only if it’s throughout all their games
Something along those lines


Clans! Guilds! That’d be so great.

You could have a team builder, where you pick colors, a logo, fill the roster, all that.
Guilds would have numerous teams at various ranks. Man, that would be fun.

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It would make no sense to guild up World of Warcraft players with Overwatch players. Imagine looking for a 6 stack but only seeing dungeon requests.

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I don’t know why you are telling me. It wasn’t my opinion

Could you at least provide us with the source of the information?

No I cannot. As I said here “something along those lines”. Information I am given is from the past. And I do not keep track of general discussion threads. I only keep track of relevant information I use to provide technical forum solutions.

The information I got this from was either from a Q&A session in the past. But I cannot remember who was involved. Or a YouTuber.

Can someone ezplain me what is clans? Im been hearing this since season 4. What is clans in plain words?

I thought the term clan was just to state preference of Tank/Support or DPS wich we do. What extra clans do?


Groups of people who form teams within the that group. Does not have to be on your friends list.

In the clan, you discuss who the good tanks are etc. So since you play displaying your clan tag you won’t see many people throw games.

Your level will be quickly determined.

You would be able to get several six stacks from a clan.

I too would love to see a clan/guild system in Overwatch, and even the devs have confirmed this a long time ago. However, much like how the lightly used Looking for Group tool has proven, grouping up in any shape or form in Overwatch comes with a huge disadvantage.

Overwatch’s matchmaking primarily works to place teams of equal group size together (6-stack vs. 6-stack, 3-stack/2-stack/solo queue vs. 3-stack/2-stack/solo queue, etc.). Because of this grouping, up often results in extremely long queue times as a full team (even before role queue was introduced), and 6-stacks even if the team just got together for the first time and never played together will get paired against other stacks who may be more experienced with each other. They even prohibit Grandmasters in group sizes larger than 2 because of this.

Because of this, grouping up often is slow to execute and technically increases the sense of the difficulty of playing Overwatch, despite delivering a more consistent team experience. I feel this problem would have to be addressed before we could see the successful use of a clan/guild system.

Problem solves separate not if we can play clan clan in custom games we don’t need blizzard or the match maker.

Just say meet us in said lobby and let’s rumble.


As much as I like the idea of lfg, let’s be honest. Instead of playing the game with 5 random people, you group with 5 random people before the game starts. People don’t use lfg system properly, it’s mainly for throwing, dating or trying to find someone to carry games for them.

If we have clans, way more people will be going in to matches as a group simply because they have their own community and people they can rely on.


If they incentivised playing as a team i dont think q times would be an issue. Solo q killed this game

6-stacking or grouping up shouldn’t be a deterrent to Clans or Guilds.

Clans/Guilds are like minded people, either focused on climbing or having fun, and would offer the ability to freely 2 or 3 stack.
The main focus wouldn’t be 6-stacking, in my mind.

It’s really amazing how fast you can climb with a like minded duo-q partner.

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But it might be faster if guilds were a thing, and there were a lot of pre-made teams playing!