Chinese INPUT is broke after update


Chinese Pinyin Input is totally unusable after the new update, when i shift ENGLISH to Chinese Pinyin Input during i enter pinyin the word selection preview is not showing at all (but its showing outside of game (desktop instead of in game pinyin preview), if i play in full screen and i shift to Chinese pinyin input with alt shift my game will minimize automatically.

note: only happened when i use MICROSOFT PINYIN INPUT from windows 10,try with other 3rd party input software and its work charm without any issue


I’m experiencing the same problem. US server, English main language, but when I switch to Pinyin input (alt-shift), the game minimizes. The Chinese input icon will change but I can’t type.


The same thing happens with Japanese Microsoft IME input as well. I tried to type in Japanese about 2 days ago and the game keeps minimizing. Switched to Simplified Chinese and the same thing happens. I’ve been trying to look for a fix ever since, but I can’t seem to find one. At first I thought it was just my laptop’s keyboard settings messing up on their own but after seeing a couple of posts on the forum regarding the same issue happening to other people as well, I don’t think it’s my keyboard settings anymore.

The only workaround I can think of is to use windowed mode, which is something I’d rather to avoid doing.

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Heroes - Would you mind posting what version of Windows you are using currently? We want to look into this issue further.


Same for me, Windows 10. Typing in Pinyin input tabs out the game immediately and makes text chat impossible.


windows10, same issue.


Windows 10
Microsoft Windows
版本1809 (OS内部版本17763.437)
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Can’t type Chinese Characters as well, please assist in this. It is irritating that you ain’t able to type chinese using the Microsoft Pinyin Input. I could not even communicate using text towards chinese player.


Windows 10 Home, OS build 17763.437 Version 1809

And also i found there are many player from china facing this issue (they posted on CHINA OW forum)