Cheers to Four Years: Dev Memories of Overwatch

Nothing will be like Overwatch. Such a unique game, so glad to have been here for so much of the game’s life.


This is literally my first post. Just wanted to let the dev team know that I love this game. I understand that it’s hard to provide fresh content such as heroes and maps continiously but I love your recent approaches like the experimental mode. Looking forward to all the new stuff that’s coming. Stay safe :+1:


A worthy first post.

I too love this game, though as much as I love it… I mourn it.


Despite the current issues of queue times and tank balance, Overwatch is still an amazing fast FPS shooter with unique heroes. Thank you devs.

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This has been my favorite multiplayer game of all time. Thanks for everything y’all brought to this, Overwatch team. I still play often and I’m looking forward to the future of the franchise.


Wow, time sure does fly!

I’ll never forget working at the first Overwatch Blizzcon demo. At the time we only had 12 heroes and 3 maps but the pure joy and excitement on everyone’s faces after they played the demo and jumped back in line again and again was overwhelmingly beautiful.

A heartfelt thank you to the Overwatch community for an amazing four years and really bringing this game to life with your thoughtful involvement and passion! Looking forward to many more.


Overwatch 2 at Summer of Gaming or Summer Game Fest?

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Valorant ain’t got a thang on Overwatch.

Maybe you could give us a little hinty hint on Overwatch 2 :slight_smile:?

Thank you and the rest of the developers for my favorite game! To make the game even better, here are three ideas:

  • Comp Mystery Heroes
  • Comp 2-2-2 Mystery Roles/Heroes
  • Fix SR Gained/Lost for Swapping Heroes
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Moira Rework Suggestion - Remove Dmg Orb ,
Should Need to Aim for dmg beam ,
lower Its dmg / or maybe not change it (since she can Life steal With it) ,
Increase range ,
Give heal meter a Cooldown instead of Refilling it with dmg ,
kind of like Dva matrix or Phara Fuel , just not as Fast

Other Suggestions - Remove Turrets Or At least They get destroyed if the Hero Dies - Too much Value / dmg for an AI on Cool Down

Remove and Replace things that make enemy Almost / Completely Powerless - It’s the Complete Opposite of skill / Fairplay - Hack and Freeze (primary )

these games are much different from each to another, impossible to compare lol

Oh man, I wish they hadn’t removed wallrunning from Hanzo

It sounds like so! I am going to guess you have invested more than Approximately 8,000 hours into the game during its initial run.

Systems, operations and game design.

Its a big mile stone. Hopefully a few wounds can be patched this year and you can get another 4+ out of the game.


Have we pushed the payloads tho?

wasnt it hanzo and genji?
oh it was both

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wew, that’s ugly friend

It’s a game, dude. What the hell is wrong with you.

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Hello blizzard, long time fan (since D2 / W2 era)
Excelent art and visuals as always :slight_smile:
Also a question
How does it feel to spend time and resources to create god amazing hero designs and then let balance team destroy all that work by making the virtually useless for their entire exitence (or form a certain patch)?
What are your thoughts about balance changes directed towrads miniscule community of GM/OWL players instead of everyone else?

Can you share some of your favorite memories from developing over the past few months because as a community we shouldn’t be finding these things out years after the fact