Cheaters, cheaters, CHEATERS everywhere

what is going on, like in every second game , group of 2 or 3 people with 10-50 hours “master” ranks are aimbotting?

literally, they lose first round and turn on aimbot and you can not do anything.

this is getting annoying and ridiculous. Keep reporting them, but they just keep appearing in almost every game.

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Game is free, undetectable aimbots and cheats are available for about $20 / month.
They should rethink their anticheat strategy. Maybe Microsoft could help.


it can be smurfs. There is too many… even streamers have different account for each hero.

Can you share last of your 5 games and name cheater’s hero? I want to check it because almost every time there is no cheater… It is rare but some players thinks everyone cheating.


Perhaps they’re just big spenders in the Overwatch store?

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Where are all those forum dwellers that tell you it’s a skill issue? You can almost hear them coming every time you dare say that this game is rife with cheaters and smurfs. And Blizzard never thought it was an issue, especially under Jeff, who at least saw himself out after showing his incompetence. Jeff is gone, perhaps Aaron can do the honorable thing and see himself out as well. And that Jared dude was more excited to talk about Diablo during interviews, and said he doesn’t want to play Overwatch competitive because he would go angry to bed. Perhaps put him in the Diablo team, just saying.


idk… I think there are cheaters but at the same time I think a lot of people can’t tell who actually cheats unless they are spin botting or hard HARD cheating… i’ve been even called a cheater in a QP game when I joined and pulled out widow… the team i joined was getting crapped on and game was almost over on route 66, i popped off and the enemy tank said OH CHEATER??? honestly though… a lot of people can’t tell if someone is hacking, having a good game or not unless they are painfully obvious about it.

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I get what you’re saying, and I know all too well that there are many people who can’t tell apart good gameplay vs cheater gameplay, but you can’t really blame them – paid cheats nowadays can be tuned and used in a smart way at key points during the team fights so unless the cheater is rage hacking most metal rank players and up until Masters can’t really tell that easily.

The second issue is that since the game is free to play banning literally doesn’t do a lot to punish or prevent cheating. If anything, the cheaters often come back on new accounts with a vengeance, which along with “free trials” for cheats causes those bouts of hacking you see where every other game for a few days has really sussy players. Usually you get like one or two obvious cheaters every 5-6 matches, and most of them are so bad you roll them regardless of their software assistance.

Third and most painful point I want to make is that Blizzard and even some high ranked players always say that negative factors like smurfs, cheaters, leavers, and people trying out new heroes in competitive without any prior practice in unranked matches will smooth out over time. My question is this – over how long a time??? Most people don’t have the time and the patience to grind through the BS when there is no real reward for it anyway – ranks are never shown off by the game and the only things of mild value are locked behind a price tag in the shop. There has to be an incentive to play more, and negative factors like those mentioned above along with the lack of real reward are far from what you can describe as “incentives.”

playing first shooter since 1999. I know who is cheating who is not. I just know. It comes with experience.


i report for boosting until blizzard realizes plats and golds dont want diamonds and masters in every game carrying their silver friends, i’ve been asking for solo q playlist for years

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I think you could be seeing cheaters where they don’t exist… And i’m saying that because cheaters PC’s are scanned and dealt with pretty quickly

good one
i see people who were blatantly aimbotting for months are not banned up to this moment when we talk, i still have them in my games
anticheat is not even dogwater, it just does not exist
and reports do n o t h i n g


And they invest in top of the line gaming chairs.

You probably hear them because subconsciously you know you’re talking waffle.

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I had an account banned within 2 play sessions because I lent it to someone was banned for cheating (I didn’t know they were), I report people and consistently get messages back saying they have been banned/suspended, couple weeks ago I got one every day for 3/4 days in a row

Stop making things up lol

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literally every game in competitive: first round they loose, then turn on aimbot and we can’t even get out from spawn.


Games an abomination lmao

If this is true, leave your last 10 codes, that will show if you’re right.

interesting psychology they go through , like the first games they act like noobs all the time then the second game they play normally ? :upside_down_face:

there are cheap hacks and good hacks and there is custom hacks :melting_face:

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Yh and as far as I am aware they are all detectable through PC scans, it’s a sensitive process people have been banned because they had something on their PC Blizz ‘thought’ was hacking software