Characters that require "x" means they aren't balanced

There’s a difference between situational and extremely situational though. I’m fine with Bastion being situational as long as he’s good at his job. No one is asking to make Bastion meta, that’s just not going to happen. Right now his damage absolutely sucks, meaning he can’t do his job.

ah yes back to the just get good, a mccree of equil skill at his perfered range will kill widow every time. a worse genji and mid to close range will kill widow every time. if winston is in one jump range he will kill widow every time.

do, ah just be pine playing with bronzers easy right git gud…

These… Aren’t even true, nor have a basis in fact.

No… but a decent player, can still Play Those heroes.

That’s all we ask for.

Widow/Doomfist/Hanzo aren’t fun to play against. Being one shot isn’t fun. Dying is always going to suck. The only way he would become a top pick is if he was more independent, which would mean he wouldn’t have a bunker comp around him 24/7.

I certainly don’t remember when he had 50% damage reduction, because it never happened. He had 35% damage reduction. And I would rather remove Ironclad all together to make way for old Sentry mode to return.

Not every hero need to be great at every rank. Every hero needs to be playable at every rank.

Okay…? So what if he’s good at low tier (by the way, he has a negative winrate in Bronze and Silver)

No one is asking for Bastion to be meta. We just want him to be playable. Right now, he feels awful to play (much worse than he feels to play against) because of his extremely unreliable damage.

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if you go uo you ll find i said its cus of his kit. it is bad i agree. he has to stand still he is a turret. un less you make bastion…not a turret then he will be bad. unless you over power him to the point where he mows everyone down before they can kill a target that is not moving…

we are way off point, the post is about if a hero is nich then they are un balanced and somthing needs to be done about it…

my argument is that no that is un true

i was never arguing weather bastion was good or bad or needed a buff or not.

More of an issue of all alternatives being just as strong and being 100% optimal with zero dependency on their team. They are the heroes that should being looked at for balancing.

Having about 150 hours Just on Bastion, i can tell you that everything you just said, isn’t true.

A Stationary turret can be balanced, Especially if it can defend itself, instead of relying on an entire team to do so for it.

Which is perfectly on Topic btw.

Torbjorn doesn’t have to defend his own turret half the time… wanna know why?
Because it actually damages the targets that attack it, threatening to kill them.
(And they are even reworking him… Lol We want to be as useful as a Torb turret.)

People don’t fear walking straight up to a Bastion, Because they Know they can kill it before it kills them, most of the time in most situations.

Unless… An ENTIRE TEAM Is focused on keeping the one hero alive… Aka, Relies far too much on team support, to be Viable.

I’m sorry Rays… You opened this can of worms.

We Bastion mains can fill threads faster than a dev update.

And Terran is here.

Welp, Call me when this thread reaches 1k.

Maybe we should summon Zaydar and reach 10k in a week.

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The OP isn’t talking about heroes that work better with allies, but heroes that only work with usually multiple allies usually being that heroes slave.

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And then there’s bastion, who leads the most stressful comp to play against

I mean… you still need coordination to beat coordination… Even when a hero people dislike is involved.

doesn’t make it any less stressful?


This game can be stressful.
Especially when invis behind the payload. :sweat_smile::ok_hand:

and round we go…if the team did protect him, and he did win games then that would not be a problem…thats my only point i guess you didnt read where i said the state of bastion is off topic he is just an example.

also if you made bastion work well on his own and win games…then added a team to poket him what then he would be unstopable

also if you have ideas of how bastion could be fixed id love to hear them, make him stand still in turet mode and not die to other dps instantly cus he is fat and doesnt move. you would be smarter then me

in a game where 76 can hit a target from across the map with a helix for 120 and left click 171 dps as well as anyone with any range firing at the same time…

oh and with out help right that the main thing here

ears open

Off Topic?

It’s literally IN The Topic.

There’s going to be list of heroes like this in the comments.

This is not necessarily true… I would go into detail, but… i don’t want to Actually Go off Topic, and confuse you.

Oh boy… Here we go.

[💔 Bastion ISN’T being forgotten, he’s being ignored. (220+ Likes, 8000+ Responses)]


General Discussion

this is the topic

not is bastion balanced and how do we balance him

bastion is weak i agree, its cus he does not move the end

heros that need help from other hero’s are balanced cus those other heros exist

the game is not a 1v1 format it does nto exist in a vacume

No one claimed as such?

I… Am no longer going to be responding to you.

You refuse to see the points i bring up, and simply want to argue your own, Uncontested.

Ok, You win?

I guess i’m just playing wrong?
I’ll go get another 150 hours on Bastion, Then I’ll understand your wise point of view.

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i am pretty sure you are arguing somthing that i am not, thats what i trying to say.

i am argueing that heros that need other heros to be good are balanced ifwhen they have those heros they are good and balanced.

lets get off bastion, lets talk about rien

rien needs a team that wants to fight in death ball, if he has that he is very strong and balanced

if he does not he is weak

this does not mean he is not balanced.

cus again it matters on picks and this game is about heros working to geather

so this statment is wrong…that is what i am saying