Change Damage Values in Workshop

Hello, I’m completely new to the workshop and I want to ask a simple question.
How can I remove damage values entirely from my custom game? I still want to be able to use primary fire, but I don’t want to receive/or deal damage to other players.
I already searched for an answer elsewhere but I did not find something that fits for my case.

Thanks in advance!

That shows me you didn’t searched enough…, actually and tbh the first google serach result page should provide you with a link to a site called where you can look up other workshop creations and examine how damage values can be changed, also for your case, ever heard of Chill modes? There are plenty of them in vast variancy and these feature your case.

you know you could just say "use Set Status, Set Damage Dealt or Start Damage Modification" instead of being overly pretentious


i wasn’t over pretentious, i even gave him a hint where he can checkout already published workshop codes to discover and explore on his own. He would find the mentioned functionalities all by himself if he really searched around which he obvisiously did not, would even say didn’t opened the workshop editor once, but thats my assumption.

It still would have taken half the amount of time and effort to be helpful vs being toxic.


i wasn’t even toxic, maybe my emotionless wording sounds or injects a toxicity of me, but i am not being toxic, never were my intentions, on my behalf i expressed just my concerns in honesty that the OP haven’t done a wide research, if he would have he would have found a little glimps that would have resolve his “question” on its own, and a question the OP is able to may answer on his own. I led him a direction to search for his answer indirectly nontheless. For further questions the OP/he can come back here anytime and more can be checked out further, personally just don’t encourage most of the time to feed the solutions right a way.

You sounding really rude sometimes, maybe its your wording style indeed. But slightly changes in that may let you sound more friendlier? :smile:


Hm… i need to go into deep inner self reflection to answer that kind of question, but for you i would find a way to freeze the sun even if it takes an eternity :wink:.

well if you didn’t know a forum is for such simple questions, also i did research maybe i searched for the wrong term, thanks for your response tho!

Yeah i would thank myself too…, and thank you for replying to me for nothing with no value.

now your just being a complete and total a$$hole

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