CC is a problem

Literally ever since Brig was released people have been up and arms about the amount of CC in the game. To the point where some people have literally either been playing less or STOPPED playing altogether because of it. The Brig and Doomfist changes ARE very much needed and I’m personally happy to see the devs address this because it’s been a very common complaint among the community.

I’m sorry to anyone that plays these characters but you can’t deny that they are and have been problematic and needed these changes.


Yes yes yes we get it. The devs get it now too.

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I’m glad they do.

So Mei and Sombra are next I’m assuming. With this type of post.

I think they will be fine.
Maybe Hammond despite him being weak, because his piledriver locks basic movement like Doomfist’s uppercut does.

I don’t see Hammond ever becoming a future problem unless the buff him crazy. If they ever do, I sincerely will RIP my soul.

I don’t either but I think they’ll nerf piledriver for consistency. I mean in the quote they specifically say “we’re looking carefully at the amount of crowd control abilities (such as stuns and knockbacks that remove air control)”.
The only ones that do that are Doomfists uppercut,slam and WB’s piledriver. Both of DF’s ones have been nerfed so that leaves Wrecking Ball.
I hope they don’t change that though. DF’s slam didn’t really need the change too.

Unlikely, Mei’s C/C is very soft and requires it be maintained for a couple of seconds, she can be killed by pretty much any hero in the game in the time in takes to freeze them. It has fair counterplay and the forums largely agree that Mei is in a good place now without being overbearing. I think they’re looking at 1shot capable C/C, but this is also doubtful with the Roadhog and Mcree buffs. I assume this ends with Brig and Doom.

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