Can't rejoin Ranked Match within 15seconds of a dc?

Every now and again OW will just disconnect me for no rhyme or reason. Because the ranked match I was in JUST STARTED i rebooted my connection within 15 seconds and logged back in. However it has already locked me out of rejoining! WTF. I’ve seen idiots throw by leaving and rejoining before their timer to do so expires… but as someone who isn’t trying to throw or incur the penalty… and after trying to rejoin 15 seconds later… I CANT??? WHAT THE HELL.

The time to rejoin is 2 minutes.

If you are disconnecting often (over the course of the week) I believe the system will eventually prevent you from rejoining. Unfortunately, computers can’t read human intent, and that’s why they have a blanket penalty system to prevent bad actors (not 100%, of course) from abusing the leaving/rejoin functions.

More info here:

If you want to air grievances with the system, I recommend using #competitive-discussion, as developers do not monitor the troubleshooting forum. What we can do here is troubleshoot connection problems if that’s what you need.