Cant play because loading screen

when i go to a game, i am just at loading screen and getting kicked lost 200sr… thanks

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This is a problem that often involves your connecting hitting severe latency when it happens. Please avoid competitive play and try troubleshooting with these steps:

Unfortunately all disconnections and game crashes counts as leaving the match and will be penalized appropriately. The game server has no way to discern a legitimate disconnection or game crash from one that is forcefully caused by a dishonest player to bypass leaver penalties. You can learn about this policy here:

I really doubt it’s him today. If you’ve looked around the forums in the last 16ish hours you’ll see heaps of posts about not loading in and servers closing due to errors. It’s 100% on Blizzards end and it’s really disappointing that theres been no response from them.

I myself had had 2 games where it took me a really really long time to load in and got kicked, and another game where 2 people (1 from each team) instantly disconnected before the entire server got shut down with a “server closed to due an error” message showing up in chat. (My friend and I were about to win and we lost sr…)

LITERALLY DC’ED 5 TIMES IN PAST DAY , LOST TOTAL OF 150 SR to this and managed to reconnect the other 2 times but to 0 stats which is amazing. LOVE LOSING SR BABY .I’m not even tilted at this point

I have, however the posts are intermittent with several minutes in between to each other. If it was all within 10 minutes of each other, I would believe a wide scale issue would be occurring, but there is not. Besides if there was a problem with, Blizzard knows instantly from their monitoring stations.

That has happened to me many times since last patch, in different days. I am afraid to play comp, and I dont want a xp penalty, because I want the lootboxes.

Is not latency or connection problems. My computer and connections are much better than in last uprising event. And I have only had those long connection times and kicking since last tuesday, the retribution patch. I already had received a XP warning, but I want to play. Also, yesterday, in a QP I succeded to connect, I observed an AFK player that didnt select character and was kicked, and he was replaced by another AFK player that was kicked too without selecting character. I think that is a more general problem than you think, and, in my opinion, ti should be addressed. Thanks.

Considering how many people are having the black screen issue upon pressing play and the lack of of response on their end, I doubt they know instantly from their monitoring station. And if they are, they are completely inept in fixing issues.

It’s been happening since patch. It broke my bnet app and game. I messed with all the things that “WyomingMyst” said to do. Nothing helped, I knew it was not on my end. So I deleted bnet app and game, did a reinstall and worked fine yesterday 4/14/18. Tonight I login 4/15/18 long load times and get in game and loading screen sits there spinning. Then I get kicked for not doing anything. Something is going on, just admit it tells us something. Quit with the silence/blame on players. We all have one thing in common the patch is the only thing that changed on our end. After you fix extend the event to make up for the lost time.

Yeah but a reasonable influx of complaints of the exact same thing (long time loading in/not loading in, and severs closed) over the last day or so? Totally all client side.

You can’t say its not on Blizzards end when comp games are shutting down and literally saying “server closed due to unexpected error”.