Can't buy Lucio's legendary emote

Oh I finally got it, thanks!

yep i just bought 400 tokens and i just realized i wasted money
hope i’ll get refund for this i will not spend them

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I bought 400 tokens for this. I won’t use them and I expect a full refund Blizz. Someone messed up big time.

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Then you’ll have to contact Customer Support. Don’t expect to get an immediate refund just because you complained on a forum

I bought it too…can’t believe it’s a bug, this kind of thing can’t be happened…So can we get our money back…?! Btw how can I get this emote for my Chinese account? Chinese players also desire this emote since it’s really unique and cool. I’ve already bought all access pass for my US account to get those skins and emote, I want to have them for my Chinese account too…! Please don’t forget those huge members’ of Chinese players :wink:

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Like what pretty much everybody here is saying, if this is an error, I’d like to get refunded for the tokens i bought, or receive the emote anyway for our trouble. Though it is pretty weird how it’s programmed to be purchasable. Either way, I hope there’s a compensation plan in place. <3


Maybe they already wrote the code to implement it next year somehow. Somebody put it online on purpose or accidentally.

Yep, same as everyone here, just got it with tokens. Please refund or let us keep it.

While we’re at it, with the sprays that were unlocked by watching the OWL finals, can we get an alternate way to obtain those, even if it’s with OWL tokens? I tried keeping the stream up so I earned them when I went to watch it at a meetup, but both computers went into sleep mode, and neither registered that I was on twitch, so I don’t have the or Lindholm sprays because of it.

Wait, you were actually able to buy the emote?

I bought 200 tokkens this morning hoping to buy it. I’m really sad and a bit mad. It was pretty much the only thing I wanted to buy from the league stuff. I’m not interested in league skins. Can I get a refund then?


Possible Blizzard felt the backlash of people criticizing them for making something clearly marked as “exclusive” available later on, and decided to revert.

No, they just wanted to trick people into buying tons of OWL tokens before removing the thing they wanted to buy the OWL tokens for.


That’s kind of messed up.

A large amount of people (myself included) have just wasted money on OWL tokens for the sole sake of obtaining the lucio legendary emote. I understand that on a regular occasion it is non-refundable, however this seems like a large issue caused from Blizzard, therefore there should be at least some form of conpensation shouldn’t there? either refund the charges or allow access to the emote please.


I’m gonna put a ticket later to get a refund. They can’t really fight the fact that the emote is currently advertised as available. This is false advertising. They should either allow it or refund.

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30 Dollar Emote vs 300 Coin Bait and Switch

Seriously? Emote isn’t intended to be purchasable? I was missing like 9 tokens for 300 and bought 100 just to get it and now I’m being told this? REFUND PLEASE!

I have the same problem, i bought 300 OWL tokens for lucio’s emote, i hope there’s going to be a full refund or allow us to unlock the emote.


So we got Scammed for 15$/€?! WTF BLIZZARD!
Please give us an option to buy the emote or Refund it!
I got 300 Tokens only for this emote and im not interested in the OWL skins


Somehow, yes. I guess the bug was fixed recently or something if you can’t now.