Cannot rank above Bronze 5

I have played Overwatch for a year and half prior to OW2 coming out. I just finished my third set of Competitive match and I was placed yet again in Bronze 5 for the third time. Despite this match winning 7 out of 9. I honestly do not think I am that terrible at support especially if I have experience playing this game. I should not be ranked with new players who have never played before. Please fix this.

  • im like 80 some games in and cant place past either
    with positive winrate on all roles

Yes i also have this problem, high win rates on 2 support heroes have done 3-4 rank adjustments not moving from bronze 5. Please fix

Here’s the big thread Competitive ranks broken (master post)

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You need about 30 wins w/o loses in bronze5 because it is like 10 ranks wide by the old overwatch one system (bottom500-1499 SR). I do charity boosts rn from b5 for dps/supports, add me in discord if you need help FXtrt#6552

Same for me. Been playing with friends who are silver and gold, and I am still stuck in b5.

same for me. >< please fix it><