Cannot Login Error BN-3042

Battlenet would not load my account. When I manually typed it into Overwatch it presented me with error BN-3042, which apparently no one has ever encountered because there is no mention of this error anywhere on the internet or the Overwatch support website.

Also I don’t see anyone else complaining about being unable to login so I think this problem is local to me.

No, Im encountering this as well. Down detectors at 600 people reporting outages and climbing.

Same thing BN-3042. 0 support articles and the app is hanging on connecting.


Oh, I guess it is some kind of network issue then. I have been having the issue for the past 15 minutes and didn’t see a single post on Reddit or here.

Same here…says im connected, until it loads game.

There was a temporary login issue with earlier today. It was quickly identified and resolved (only lasted about 30 minutes), so you should all be able to log back in again. Give it another shot.

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