Cannot join or hear voice chat - microphone icon crossed out

Hello, this is an issue that started about a month ago. I have reviewed 5 or so threads on here with a blue response and followed the basic remedies with no success.

My microphone is allowed per MS privacy settings, Blizzard’s launch app detects audio when I do a sound test, and I recently updated windows and RealTek audio drivers/codecs, just to make sure that isn’t the problem. I have every other possible input disabled, except my default/main mic line. Discord and other services are receiving audio from my mic, so that is not the problem.

At first I thought it was my network/router, but when I play OW on my laptop through my wireless, it has no problem connecting to voice chat. In any event, I have tested port forwarding and other packet sniffing/mod settings, but enabling/disabling them does not seem to allow me to voice chat.

I have Overwatch logs, DXDiag, and MSInfo ready to fly, but cannot see a place that I can upload them here. Please advise.

I wish I could help but you have covered a high majority of steps that I typically recommend for this type of problem. At this point I suggest starting a direct web ticket with Blizzard and they can provide direct advice.

If rather share the files here, you can do so by uploading them to Pastebin and providing the links here:

  1. Go to
  2. In the open field paste your DxDiag there and click “Create New Paste” (Please note you are not required to create an account on that website and your file will remain there temporarily for a few days.)
  3. Once created paste the link in your reply. Note if you are not permitted to post links, please wrap the contents between two tick marks like so:
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Thanks for your reply. I guess I’ll open a ticket!