Cannot connect to the Ranked Match

Stuck in the Loading screen and just cannot connect to the match, Restarted the game in 20 secs came back game ended got ban and Lost 50 SR, like what is the developer doing, it’s really lacking in attention to detail to connectavity speciailly not only do you have to wait 10+ for DPS search.

Here’s how they should solve it: Just give a person enough time to Come back to the game so the game does not cancel and do not have to wait so long for another game and lose 50 SR and having a mental breakdown.

This is likely a problem connecting to the specific IP address of the match server. If this is happening frequently, stop playing Competitive Play and begin troubleshooting or post for help in the Technical Support forum (not here in the bug report forum). In order to make sure the 11 remaining players are not having to wait on a user who is having technical issues, they rather cancel the match and get those players into a new search queue rather than let them take the risk of playing with a player who does not appear to have a reliable internet connection. See this post for details on Blizzard’s policy for leavers:

This is happening to me time to time but now always. And I am having really bad time because of this. This is really annoying.

My teammates are reporting and avoiding me because they think I am AFK at the spawn. I am getting flamed.

I was not having this issue like a year ago. And everything is same as one year ago on my end.