Can you guys finally admit that they are listening now?

Ah, I see. Never mind then.

If you want to get that technical, sure, no one asked specifically for an Ability called Storm Arrow that allowed Hanzo to spam full charge shots but how is that Blizzard’s fault?

We demanded they remove Scatter. I think I saw one, maybe two suggestions for what to replace it with that wouldn’t make Hanzo even worse than he is with Storm Arrow. Just because you’re not happy with Storm Arrow doesn’t mean we didn’t ask for it.

I mean, that’s like arguing that OW didn’t exist until its first hero?

And there actually were people asking for a rework to Mercy’s ult in the old Megathreads. You could scroll through them and catch a dozen or more suggestions for what her ult should be. Again, just because we’re not happy with how Valk turned out didn’t mean we didn’t ask for it.

Ever hear the expressions “beggar’s can’t be chooser’s” and “careful what you wish for”?

We demanded these changes. We clawed at the doors. We beat down the gates. We shouted until we were blue in the face until Blizzard removed the abilities we wanted or changed the ults we wanted. Just because we don’t like the end results doesn’t mean we weren’t responsible.


I mean, that’s not just true. Dva, Lucio and Sym had all been reworked before Mercy.

Mercy was just one of the larger scale reworks.


Do you think they should only implement things people ask for, and not try to innovate, improve, or introduce new ideas?


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daily reminder that almost every meta in overwatch’s history has been defined by the support lineup

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When they answer, we will.

[💔 Bastion ISN’T being forgotten, he’s being ignored. (555+ Likes, 18,000+ Responses)]


He’s the only weak hero to not get a buff this patch.

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Wait, how did Lucio get nerfed??

have you seen the hero they just added…i know its not a direct buff…but man id be so happy as a bastion player right now


they’ve made changes that are not at all what bastion and sombra players ask for…
increasing hack’s strength is so so dumb and will be complained about the second it’s too powerful. the rest of her kit is too weak/clunky… oh lord is it clunky. at this point some people who play sombra, want EMP bot sombra back (me, danteh, codey, and ive seen a few threads about it but i don’t visit very often). Sombra feels SO disengaging as a hero, kinda the same way i feel about mercy. is mercy balanced? maybe. is she boring? extremely. i think they were trying to make hacking health packs useful because currently you’re just wasting your time and your healers’ ult charge using them. this recent change won’t do anything to help it. maybe some heroes they listen about, but definitely not sombra or bastion.

Oh yeah, I forgot. Supports can never be nerfed.


You missed the point of my post.

I mean they obviously listen sometimes. The Reaper change should be added to the “they listened” thread, because that one is purely because of how ridiculous OP he was for the majority even though he was still in the same spot for the top 1%.

I’m glad they will make swift changes for extreme examples like that even if the majority of their balancing is clearly for GM/OWL, as they should be.

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i do need to update that thread at some point :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes, I love that thread. One of my favorite posts of all time here.

Ill admit that their listening a bit now

Some changes i disagree with but still

Now thet need to keep on

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His name is Baptiste and that Immortality thingo


thats been the case just about always…people disagreeing with the decisions that were made even if they were the result of listening to the community…and then of course putting it under the umbrella of “not listening”


I admit that they listened this time and give them credit

Like always, i disagree with some stufff but ill give them credit

What are you smoking? Bastion got a huge buff this patch…his name is Baptiste. lol

Also the Orisa buff is pretty huge and that’s helpful to Bastion as well.