Can we stop pretending like we know why Jeff left?

I still blame activision overlords, they must have a blame in this. Surely they are upset that blizzard didn’t release ow2 already with some reskins and lots of microtransactions


I’m not sure I understand what are we talking about…

Jeff left the dev team?
When? :frowning:

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He left Blizzard earlier today :sob:

and it was all OP’s fault! (obvious /s)


He left. Gone. Poof.

Real shame…

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Is there any place I can see info about the subject?

We would miss him :frowning_face:

Who would do dev’s update now?


He’s being replaced by Aaron Keller (Guy who designed King’s Row), so we’re still in good hands


No we dont know. But common sense tells us that Jeff doesnt just leave for no reason. OW is his baby. Something serious needs to happen that he comes to this decision.

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Yes but until he reveals his reasons we should not jump to conclusions and blame anyone yet.

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It’s true that we don’t know specifically. On the other hand, we do know that there are things going on at Acti-Blizz, and that things have been going on for a while now. Jeff leaving due to being unhappy or being pushed is an assumption, but not an unwarranted one, I feel.

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Someone leaving his job has 1 of 3 reasons usually.

  • Beef with the management
  • he got a better offer from a different company
  • private reasons ( more time for family etc. )

If it were for private reasons, then Jeff could have just told us no problem.
The fact that they keep the reason secret tells me they want to prevent a PR disaster.

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Or he just took his retirement which is more personal and live with his family, cause he is still in high level covide area?

Then they could have just told us that. Thats no thing you would want to keep secret so people start speculating.

I’m not disagreeing that it could be this issue, as blizzard has been on a downward spiral lately but again without proper confirmation, we’re just spitballing and taking it as fact.

There can be more than 3 options for quitting but Jeff doesn’t have to tell us why he left, more so that we should respect the decision and not point fingers at others until we are given proper info that says otherwise


Which other reasons are there?

More personal and he doesn’t need to tell us why he left like all others devs.


I listed private reasons as an option. OP said there are more options.

I know that theorizing is bad but when a vice president very ambitious with the work hes putting to the future of his game leaves all of a sudden and leaves a miniscule letter and not announcing it to the community indicates that something behind the scenes is currently in trouble. A BIG trouble.

I don’t know, I’m not Jeff.

If your referring to why someone would quit, most of them would fall under private so there’s no point in listing them out.

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See, i listed private reasons as an option. There are no more reasons than i listed.