Can we please have a southeast asia hero!

With all due respect PLZ MAKE A SOUTH EAST ASIAN HERO!!!


I personally really want Analyst Trung Le Nguyen to become a hero, but I think he has very little chance to become one.


I’m going to be honest. How does the average person discern wether a hero is thai, or vietnamese from looking at them, unless they are knowledable about that culture, or dialect? They don’t. In Overwatch we are mostly dealing with stereotypes, like ninjas, samurais, cowboys and knights to determine nationality. I don’t need to look up what nationality Tracer, Cassidy or Reinhardt is, cause it’s obvious from just looking at them, or listening to them. I can guarantee you if Reinhardt wasn’t already german, then Sigma the “scientist” type hero would be german. Instead he is dutch, which is close :stuck_out_tongue: I guess you could have a thai boxer looking hero, with muay-thai style outfit. I don’t know.

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I wish He or She has Brown Hair next. It would be nice to see.

You don’t have to be able to tell the difference between how Thai and Viet people look, having aspects of their cultural clothing incorporated into their outfits like syms new look, and just hearing them speak thai or viet would be nice. And no I wouldn’t be able to see the difference between all the white hero’s in the game, I would say “oh they’re white” but I would know what their ethnicity is. You might be able to estimate, like mercy is blonde she might be from Germany or Northern Europe, and you could also do the same with a southeast Asian hero.


If it makes you happy, Echo is on some level Singaporean as she takes after her creator Dr Liao?