Can We Not Change Symmetra's Primary Fire?

I’d be ok with a very soft lock on her weapon depending on its damage output.

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But a least people will stop complaining about heros that dont have to aim

It sucks sometimes, but I figured having 1 in 27 heros be playable was fine enough.

Unfortunately, most of those heros don’t quite stack up, as most of them are only superficially accessible. While they all require minimal aiming for their primary fire (or Torb’d turret), most of the remainder of their kit relies on fast reflexes and reliable muscle movement in order to use them even somewhat effectively.* Having them act as a replacement for Sym, isn’t quite the same. It’s a shame.

*For those thinking, “Just don’t use those portions of their kits then.”: That’s like telling someone to play the game while under a perpetual Sombra Hack. Not exactly a fun prospect, is it?


well ,the only one out of the four I mentioned could be troublesome is Winston due to his movement and combos ,though Mercy ,Brigitte and rein shouldn’t be a problem (though ,who am I to say that ? I wouldn’t really know ,but you can try) they don’t require extremely quick reflexes to be good except against very specific matchups (like brig VS doom) but they can be worked around.

Also ,to what extent can you aim ?because if you can play anything that doesn’t need that much presicion ,Moira is a wonderful choice too.

I think someone who has been playing the game for as long as it’s been available knows perfectly well about their limitations and what heroes they can or can’t use.

I’m sure this person has already tried to play these other heroes so you (as someone who isn’t disabled) trying to convince another (who is disabled) that there are other options for them is, frankly, rude and intolerant.

This is one of the biggest points I tried to make with my post. Overwatch is a game built around accessibility to a diversity of players. Changing Her play style so drastically just removes part of that original vision.


Symmetra will recive a rework letting her primary fire be more like zarya

Yes. That is the point and direct intention of a total rework, or any rework in general. To remove part of the original version.

No, I’m tired of her no-skill autolock. It doesn’t feel good when opponents and teammates alike complain about it, and honestly it doesn’t feel good to use it either. I prefer to aim. I ain’t no Junkrat.

I’d much rather have a longer beam that gains ammo when it hits a barrier. That’s much more unique and fun. Symmetra really needs to carve out a niche for herself.

Furthermore, Symmetra needs range. Her rework is extending her range by allowing her to place her turrets and teleporters from afar, but her gun needs range too. She can’t have a longer beam if it still auto locks. That would be too strong. Her beam will still be powerful; in fact it’ll be even stronger. You’ll just have to aim from now on, which is good everyone involved.

  • Winston deals low damage and has a huge hitbox
  • Brigitte is a melee move with almost no real range and relatively low DPS
  • Mery’s “low aim” requirement only applies to her healing
  • Moira does not have any autoaim. It is somewhat forgiving but has no lock on. Anyone who says otherwise is wrong.
  • Junkrat spams, but by no means is “low aim” in pretty much any scenario outside of tight corridors
  • Rein, like Brig, is melee only and has the drawback of not doing his only real job while swinging away

The complaint with sym, on the other hand, is that she has a move that latches on and has an enormous disconnect range that’s actually really hard to get away from, and can tether for brief periods even around walls while completely obstructed (no LOS), and can do some really serious damage for what little mechanical skill is involved. The defense against sym is typically to make sure you don’t go near her, and when you do it can be challenging to kill her even for relatively skilled players due to her small hitbox.


“It removes part of that original VISION**”

You aren’t paying attention to that point.

No, Symmetra was massively changed the first time:

  • beam mechanics changed so that the break off distance is longer than lock on

  • lock on increased 2 m

  • now has to choose between shields OR tele

  • max turrets in reserve doubled

  • barrier added

Mercy, in contrast, only had her ult changed and an ability added. Even Hanzo had more changes than her with two new abilities and changes to his arrow speed and sonic changes.

So yes they are “total reworks”.

Moira beam isn’t lock-on. It just have a generous hitbox.


You have a pretty poor understanding of what a total rework means. Sym is getting changed. Get over it and get used to it.

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I don’t care. Guess what? Now the Devs has a different VISION. Sym is getting reworked. Get over it.

I dont understand the distinction? Her current design is an utter failure. Hence, Sym 3.0.


This rework is the best thing that could happen to Symmetra, and if you want her to stay the same, then you don’t really like Symmetra. She’s finally going to be viable and not a troll pick. That’s objectively an improvement.

It’s posts like this that make me so glad the devs know to take everything on these forums with a grain of salt.

Aim in Overwatch has never been #1 because its not a strict FPS but the fact that Zarya is the only meta character that requires any sort of tracking/gunplay is laughable. Brig meta is the worst meta.

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Stop trying to make this post about anyone but Symm. There are plenty of other threads to go whine about Brig in.


I’m not sure I like the thoughts presented in this thread to keep Symmetra held hostage by a horrible kit simply because some players are handicapped. That seems like overstepping and abusing your status.

Autolock has been a sanious pimple since the beginning; it’s good when it’s finally deleted.

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