Can We Not Change Symmetra's Primary Fire?

Junkrat already does this, but no one is demanding he need to aim.


I don’t think a lot of people will leave over symmetra’s change ,not with that 1% pickrate of hers ,this rework will attract a lot more people to playing her (or at least ,is supposed to) ,it’s for the good of the game.

I did touch on that a little. But that’s what I would suggest. Make the beam a bit looser than Moira’s (so you still have to have a fair bit of tracking), and break the beam just like Moira’s; As soon as it breaks line of sight and/or distance.

In what world is it bad? Us Sym mains in gm know that it’s actually really good…

It’s her awful kit that always held her back and her alternate fire didn’t subside her primary’s weaknesses.

Now with it’s buffs it would though, I see no need to change her primary fire other then to satisfy the salty Genji mains…


If they keep her autolock, they would also have to revert her new damage and range buffs … also she doesn’t have any mobility like…

So all the people who actually play her (Most can’t aim) Can’t play her anymore, but the people who wanted her removed from the game can sometimes play her… Oh wow.


Time to aim I guess .


See this is exactly it, her gun was more or less fine, the crux of Sym’s issues has always been her abilities.

I mean they’ve been hit with the nerf hammer at least half a dozen times, and this is all without her EVER being meta, is it a wonder she’s bad?

Yet all anyone ever talks about is how her gun needs to aim so she can be high skill and/or not break the ranks. And this is despite: a.) all the autoaim heroes who are very popular in spite of their low skill guns (hi Winston, hi Junk); b.) the fact that Junkrat does break the ranks and everyone is ok with that anyway.

Makes you think this rework is less to make Symmetra better for the people who play her and attract new players and more just to appease people who hate her.

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It really depends on what they’re doing with Sym. As it is now, it feels like they’re trying to make her an anti-deathball hero, which an autolock weapon just wouldn’t fit well with. If she was supposed to be anti-flanker, then autolock would make sense.

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Symmetra is getting a TOTAL REWORK. Not a tuning, a total rework. I hate to break it to you, but she WILL NOT OR EVER feel like the Symmetra you once knew. SHE WILL BE A TOTALLY NEW Symmetra.

No Dev ever said it would be a ‘copy/paste Zarya gun’. They actually said that, while it is a beam and would no longer auto-lock, it would be far thicker and would reacher a longer distance than Zarya’s gun.

Breaking LoS and breaking it clean is a tough function in videogames. Ping plays an issue, as well as funky hitboxes. For instance, you could feel like you are totally around a corner, but in reality your character model just needs to have the tip of their elbow exposed, and the game will register it as a connection.

Change in a game like Overwatch is healthy. And heroes in a game like Overwatch cannot and will not stay the same. The game as a whole will change, strategies will change, meta will change, and heroes will change. Overwatch is a game about adapting. Many of us have already had to go through a period of being forced to adapt. Looks like you will now too.


Symmetra doesn’t even currently unbalance lower tiers, so that argument holds no merit.


Honestly, changing the primary fire for Symmetra was my biggest hope for the rework. I am extremely happy that Blizzard is making this very necessary change to the hero. It was the thing I hated most about her.

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Actually, if we go by the precedent of past reworks, Sym SHOULD still feel like Sym. The only characters who have had reworks are:

  • Sym 2.0
  • Mercy 3.0
  • Hanzo 2.0

ALl of these heroes still felt basically the same as before, even Mercy. Yes the loss of mass ress was upsetting and she has Valk now, but she still has ress and she was always able to fly. Symmetra lost the ability to have shields and tele at same time, but she still had them. Hanzo lost scatter, but he was still a medium range projectile sniper, same ult, sae wall hax, etc.

What is being proposed is much grander than any rework has ever attempted before … and also more boring, because she’ll basically just be Zarya.


Change is healthy for games. Completely erasing or reworking parts of a game is not.

If they wanted to make an anti-deathball hero then they can make a new anti-deathball hero. In the same way they made a new anti-dive hero. Instead of completely erasing an anti-flanker hero, they could (and should) just improve the flaws in her kit to make her more effective in that field, rather than completely removing it.

Improvement changes are good and healthy. Complete reworks never are.

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I think you are wrong, other than Mercy who got her Ult and abilities changed (a decently simple rework). Hanzo did not receive a total rework, just an ability rework (scatter), so yes Hanzo should feel similar but with a new ability. The original Symmetra change was also just an ability rework. They tweaked her beam, gave her another ultimate ability, and a new ability in Photon Barrier. Neither of those are total reworks, so yes, they should feel like the similar to the old version. Ana received more of a rework than the original Symmetra and and new Hanzo changes.

Again, this upcoming Symmetra change is a TOTAL REWORK. Not an ability rework, not a tweak. A total rework. She will still act as an area defense hero. But her totally new primary fire and her totally new turret system could cause a shift in how she is played. She should not feel like the same hero, because it is a total rework.

In no way, shape, or form will she ‘basically just be Zarya’. You have 4 hours on that hero so I’m not totally expecting you to know how she works. Zarya can’t place turrets, shield gens, and she is not an area denial hero. Zarya and Symmetra are drastically different. The only similarity is that they have beam weapons. And Symmetra’s new beam will be much thicker than Zaryas, meaning it will be easier to aim, while also reaching a further distance.

I disagree and I think you are wrong and slightly biased.

Maybe the Dev team wants to put in another tank as a new hero. Maybe the Dev team does not want the new hero to be anti-deathball. Maybe they want Symmetra to be used much more often than she is now. Maybe the Devs really want Brigitte to be the go to anti-flanker hero. Maybe the Devs (who know more than you and know what is best for the game in the long term) think that just tweaking her again or just messing with an ability will not put her in the spot she truly deserves.

They are improving her flaws, with a total rework, whether you personally don’t like it is a different story. With this total rework, she can become undeniably viable in almost infinitely more senarios than she is now.

Change is healthy, totally reworking a hero is apart of change. And you can’t write off a complete rework as ‘never being healthy’, that’s a bit silly. Again, I do think you are biased.

More of the folks who used to hate her will try her, and those able-bodied people who main her will likely stick with her.

Unfortunately, for many of us in the disabled community, we lose the only truly accessible hero. Which means the game becomes inaccessible to us. It’s a shame because it’s such a fun game that even after 500+ hours it’s still great to play. And, I’ll enjoy every minute of it until the rework.

But apparently, despite many of us expressing concern on the forums and reddit, the Overwatch team doesn’t care about even acknowledging our concerns, or even the commenters who say/imply that the disabled community isn’t worth considering or that we shouldn’t be allowed to play comp anyway. It’s disappointing really.


Don’t you think people would complain about that, though? “Instead of creating a new hero, you could have reworked Symmetra” or something along the lines of that? :confused:

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It must suck to not be able to play a majority of heroes ,though there’s always be a few heroes you can efficiently play, maybe not a DPS…but there still is Mercy ,Rein, Winston and Brig

And Moira has poor DPS.

Sym is becoming a DPS hero. Thats why a leash must go.

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