Can we nerf overpicked heroes?

It’s actually the worst.

No they don’t.

They never said that.

They said something VAGUELY like that and people like you lied about what the devs said.

Yes, they do.

Hero picks in lower ranks really DO matter.

No any hero cannot be good there.

GM is NOT the only place where hero picks start to matter the most.





No it doesn’t.

This is more fantasy.

Stop pretending Genji is bad to prevent him getting the nerfs. It’s pathetic.

Special pleading. Hypocrisy. Totally arbitrary self-serving anti-logic.

The rules are for thee, not for me.

More special pleading.

No I’m not ignoring things, OWL will be included with everything else.


If you really think more Bastion & Sombra will make the game fun, I wanna know what you’re smoking.


Do you just not want to play a hero shooter?

Because I’ve got a news flash for you: this isn’t Halo multiplayer.

This isn’t a pure FPS where everyone is more or less the same and just slight variances in range, damage rates and some situational defensive or mobility options?

Those heroes are the shining examples of what makes Overwatch a Hero shooter, Halo is now on PC. There is no need for Overwatch to have all it’s unique elements expunged so it’s more like Halo.


While I don’t really agree with op and think genji is fine, there are hero’s that genji counters like zen. Granted those counters aren’t nearly as strong as others In the game and still have wiggle room for outplay (the healthy kind of counter IMO). While yes stronger counters exist like doom vs zen or brig vs genji, that doesn’t mean genji counters don’t count as a counter.

who??? Name them…

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You have nothing to back up such a claim.

[quote=“TREB-21513, post:28, topic:562735”]
They said something VAGUELY like that and people like you lied about what the devs said.

Wow, looks like they are using GM stats.

You’re going to have to provide a better argument other than “No”.

They do, but not as much as GM stats.

Yes they can. The main determining factor for if you rank up in the low ranks is skill, not hero picks.

It is. Though they really matter the most in OWL

The stats quite literally do what I said. From Diamond, Genji’s pickrate drops a substantial amount.

You want him nerfed? Really?

No, it’s basic understanding of how Bastion works, The best way to fix Bastion is to rework him because buffing him can quite easily make him OP, hence why they are very hesitant with how they’ve changed him most recently.

Once again, you need to get a better understanding of how a hero works. Sombra is mostly used for EMP, Genji is mostly used for Dragon Blade. Though a key difference is that Sombra’s kit is far more oppressive compared to Genji’s due to hack which makes her different when it comes to balancing her as opposed to balancing Genji.

Oh, so you want to talk about OWL stats then?


We’ve seen Bastion when he was good… I can’t imagine why anyone except a bastion main would want to go back to that. It’s the most unfun and onesided game I’ve ever seen for



Bastion and Sombra together on BOTH teams wouldn’t be a good idea. I don’t really pay much attention to who counters who, but I’m darn sure Sombra would counter Bastion.

Sombra should maybe be played slightly more, but Bastion and Sombra should not be meta together.

Insert the kappa here

Yes they should, they should make a meta for all hero combos.

I wonder what is the point of the experimental if they never put heroes who actually need changes there.

You dont… you really dont.

I really do, would be the most skilled based meta.

Would up everyone’s game awareness too!

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GM is the absolute best place to look if a hero is doing poorly because all they play there is characters that are doing good (except onetricks)
And your arguement for “Ignoring the other 99%) doesn’t matter because they should never balance around lower ranks due to the players there not having a good understanding of how the game works.

Yes bastion and sombra do deserve treatment but more like a rework and small buffs


Unless you’re below diamond, the meta is sombra reaper.

No. Because pickrate literally doesnt represent power at all. Best case is genji. He has a trash kit but a good ult synergy with ana.
Quit complaining and git gud please.

Tbh if bastion and sombra become meta, this game is dead. Lmfao

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Leave supports alone. They’re all in a good place, outside of maybe Moira. I’m so tired of the posts about nerfing Ana for the sake of just lowering her pick rate. We have 7 support heroes to choose from. She has the most interesting kit out of all the support characters and requires on more mechanical aim for healing than any.

If you want them to shake up the support meta, give us more heroes to choose from.

Anna is over due a nerf.

She is 1 of the most broken heroes who never not been meta.

Sleep for ult cancel, Nade for inta heal/heal cancel and nano damage reduction and damage buff? Like come on.

Tanks were never left alone why does supports have the right to not be nerfed?

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That could make for an interesting arcade mode. Sliding balance heroes. As heroes get played more, they get a minor relative nerf while slightly buffing others.