Can we get an experimental card with Roadhog in the DPS category?

We have 8 tanks and 17 DPS right now. I’d rather not lose a tank for another DPS hero.


He can just have higher health to compensate for his bulk like Bastion. Not as high as he has currently but higher than other dps.

Get rid of his huge damage reduction while healing.
Decrease his hook cooldown.
Remove the stun during hook.

Uh, wasn’t it dva, zarya and rein, with dva as the DPS?

The issue with making hog a dps now is the limit we already have on tanks. If they do release several new tanks for OW2’s launch I could see this being an option.

They just need to lower the HP to 300, make his hitbox smaller and remove the damage migation when healing himself.

BOOM he is a DPS

The issue with making Hog a dps is that he is freaking huge, he simply doesnt fit has a dps

The biggest dps are Bastion and Doomfist and both are smaller than him

That’s the problem. Roadhog is TOO big to be a dps. And even if you give him higher health he’s literally just still a tank. Ur just keeping him a tank but then buffing his dmg. Right now he’s considered an ult battery and a meat shield. So what would lowering his health provide?

If he has high enough health to stay alive better than other dps but not enough to tank, then he’s no longer a tank. He’d be more along the lines of Doomfist or Bastion in terms of what he could it he had 350 hp.

Roadhog honestly already works best when he can leave the primary tanking tasks to other tanks. Which is why his best comps were triple tank ones, as he was more free to focus on doing damage.

Okay let me ask you this. Hog is keeping his same size and hitbox right? What hp do you suggest to give him?

350 perhaps, maybe 400. Self heal drops to 150-200.

Then he’s too weak. His head is giant. He’s a just a giant sphere walking around with 400 hp (which btw is tank hp range 400-600. He’ll be worse than the people with 400 hp. Zarya and sigma.

Well he’s not gonna have to damage soak though because he can fight behind two tanks. And I think the strength he’d gain from being able to synergize with off tanks like Zarya instead of competiting with her would be stronger than the power he’d have to give up.

You can’t shrink his model so it would turn him into a slow-moving, fat, free kill.

There’s a reason they didn’t let us see DPS hog in the experimental card. It won’t work due to a major factor you simply cannot tune.

Mostly Hog, as i remember. He was the only tank that could get picks, because he could yank tanks out of position, and away from their healing. Able to isolate heroes in a meta where the composition relied on close proximity and layered defenses.

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I like there being a tank with hard cc one-shot to deal with mobility heroes. We have sigma but he can’t insta-kill combo with rock anymore.

Here’s what they changed about him:

  • 400 HP
  • Breather just heal, no dmg reduction
  • DPS changes to his scrap gun

and his breather, and you’d have to make him smaller (which would ruin his character), AND you’d have to make him squishier. I don’t think it can be feasibly done. He’ll just be compared to Reaper the whole time.

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MORE heroes crowding the DPS role queue?

Back during triple tank, Hog didn’t have damage resistance during Breather though. He also had more damage output than he does today, and he couldn’t move while healing.

Sounds like a revert to old hog, plus a health nerf and a movement buff.