Can we fix dva boop plz?

Honestly, when the universal knockback buff happened, every character had those boops buffed by like 25-50% or something. Except dva. Dva seemed to get her knockback nerfed by the same amount in that patch. Not sure what happened, but ever since then, it is far harder to boop people off with her even when you only turn around AFTER YOU’RE OFF THE MAP. Lijiang tower is a perfect example. The boops I try to set up on the bridge in garden, or the cliff near point in market, never work. Only if I’m rushing in just to do damage do I ever get boops there, and they always seem to be combo boops cause lucio pushed them or pharah did and i did too so i got the credit.

Does no one else feel dva’s boops were massively nerfed at some point and she just has zero knockback compared to any other tank with CC? like orisa’s knockback is braindead easy to do, why does dva need to be impossible?


Half the time I try booping people over a ledge or off the bridge in Lijiang Tower, they just bounce back a step. Only if I fly straight-on and risk the boop+punch combo—which cancels flight on use, potentially setting myself up to fly off the ledge to my own death (unless used immediately, of course, but still risky)—do I stand a decent chance at booping someone off.

99% of the time, D.Va can’t even boop Mercy far enough to cancel her rez.

This is all particularly aggravating for D.Va as she has to imperil herself to attempt a boop—and risk dying in result—which as the team’s only tank, is a very severe and discouraging drawback every time she tries it.

3 Likes doesn’t have a boop, she has a push. She’s not supposed to be able to easily launch people off the map, but she is one the best tanks in the game for clutch bodyblocks.

This was a change when bap got released.


  • Knockback distance is now more consistent
  • Heroes that are flying can now be knocked back and slowed

Developer Comments: Knockbacks are now less affected by how the enemy was moving when they were hit. Instead of having small or large knockbacks that depend on chance, knockbacks will feel similar regardless of the enemy’s movement leading up to the knockback. Allowing flying heroes, like Mercy when using her Valkyrie ability or D.Va using her Booster ability, to be properly knocked back makes for more fluid, realistic gameplay.

Overall, “consistent boop” became the opposite.

You can’t knock a mercy off of Rez, unless she’s the farthest away using the rez.


false, she’s 100% supposed to have a boop

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