Can we do something about smurfs?

Wait really? Where did he say that?

No he/she was diamondd, not plat

Can you give us your source? When I look up, “Jeff Kaplan on the topic of smurfs”, nothing comes up but out-of-date content from 2017.

Oh trust me, I tried to run brawl against a ‘diamond’ genji but my team would not cooperate. Imagine playing against someone with at least 1000 more sr than you. It’s not fun.

Which they will, with almost 0 delay. Stomp noobs 2-3 times in bronze? Get mmr-locked and you’re carrying throwers or facing smurfs for the next 10 matches, meaning your sr will actually go down (more than your mmr), and you’ll be stuck in a cycle unless you play like ‘slightly’ better than your rank and let the system guide you up without being flagged.

There is such a large pool of smurfs and alts in the low ranks I’m starting to wonder if they protect the truly new/innocent by wedging them in between bronze and gold.


Oh alright thats cool.

Dude. The only solution is to be a smurf yourself. Once 100% of games are ruined, Blizzard starts to take notice and decide they should dedicate some time to fix this problem. Until then, “it’s working as intended”

It’s way less stressful for me to just play at lower tiers than I should be playing at. Clearly trying to solve the problem hasn’t helped for the past year and a half or so. Not wasting my time anymore. Joining the dark side.



The solution to the problem of cheating is never to do it yourself.

I tried that for over a year. Didn’t work :frowning:

that was 601 days ago, lol, they’re not going to address it

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replay code in high bronze/gold:


his name is Tree63 or something. This is what smurfs do… then he goes on saying, he’s going to throw a bunch of games later to keep his SR lower <_<

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No, he said it a couple months ago at the end of January this year.

Not really… If i play a gold game as a diamond I hard stomp… Dont underestimate 1000 SR difference… Yes GM would stomp a diamond but don’t think a diamond would struggle against gold

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Yeah the Smurfs have overan the game to the point I just uninstall the report system is a waste of time cause your basically reporting one Smurf account which has to get many reports for them to do anything about it.


Yeah that guy is definately better than what his level shows, whats ur rank if you dont mind telling?

At this point I would say an MMR/SR reset every season is in order. The whole ranking system is ruined by people who clearly want it anyways, so bring it on.

He says she says. We have more plat alts in <500 than actual plat actives. By that logic, a 1500 silver player would hard stomp matches in <500. Do you really think we play without monitors? Do you really think the lowest skill players are at the bottom of the ladder?

No actually you didn’t, and don’t tell me it’s 1/5 to 1/6. You know why this is BS? Cause their is a chance, and not a low one for multiple Smurfs.

The source is a discord q/a. You can see on multiple sources