Can we do something about smurfs?

I keep getting into games with smurfs on the enemy team on dps then actually carry. They’ve even admitted it. I know that smurfs are the main source of income but the only thing it does is vacuum the fun out of the game. I’m in silver/gold and I always run into smurfs, one even said he/she was in DIAMOND. I truly can’t compete.


Diamond smurfs isn’t that bad, but gm/t500 smurfs is getting hard stomped lol

A plat smurf would stomp bronze or even silver, unless they go up against better smurfs.

If fully 40 to 50% of the comp population can smurf in bronze and arguably in silver, then that seems like a design or enforcement issue.


i play in high masters/low gm and plat games arent that easy to carry. Your team doesnt react correctly to what you do.
a plat “smurfing” in silver/gold is laughable. His skill will barely be above theirs and might even be hardstuck. All the games you lost to a smurf you have won just as many cause they where on your team.


if you are plat you arent getting placed in bronze unless you are actually throwing. if anything, a plat player stomping lower elo players is good because then they will return to plat faster.

Smurfing implies throwing, account purchases, or both.

Question is why there’s no enforcement?


there are enforcements for blatant throwing. I don’t know how frequent but I have a few friends that think throwing is funny then they get banned lmao. unofficial account purchases might be hard to detect but idk much about that.

Once you do more beyond inactivity, I don’t think much happens.

It’s easy to mimic very bad plays, like feeding.


A plat smurf in low silver will just decimate those games. I remember back in the day when I was playing in the 1800-2000 k range if I had a really bad weekend where I dropped into low silver I would then win like the next 5 games practically blindfolded. Low silver and high back in the day was a night and day difference. Forget about a plat down there let alone a diamond.

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Eventually it will be smurfs against smurfs in low ranks cause no one’s playing it lol.


its kind of already happening to be honest.

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Yes game is getting difficult at all ranks for various reasons

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I just dusted off an old account that was low gold last I played it. I am doing my placements right now. Let me tell you skill variance is a ladder wide issue and so is smurfing.

I just got away with stuff that just boggled my mind in low gold. Now I understand low gold is not exactly the epitome of skill in this game. But GOOD LORD how can people be playing at this bracket and still be totally clueless game sense wise. I couldnt believe how bad the game sense was from the opposing team.

We lost the game cause we had some legit new players on support… it wasnt pretty but I still couldnt believe how terrible the game sense was from some of the players in this bracket in a 4 year old game and none of those accounts were exactly new either.


Jeff recently admitted smurfing is a problem and that they’re working on a solution.

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Dear god I hope so, I can spot a smurf and talk to them lol in each game. They do not care they just chat about it openly. What baffles me is the people who will out right deny there are smurfs its just his team mates suck. Yet ignore the widow getting 4 straight kills, or the ashe getting 6 bobs in the first round. I just got done playing a game where our genji carried us.


I hate to be that guy but as someone who has coached players around your rank there are most likely bigger problems that you could probably solve your self or as an in game leader to not have to deal with smurfs.

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You seriously think they would be willing to make the gameplay experience their #1 priority instead of revenue?

We just have to accept that Blizzard will never do anything about smurfs. As long as they can continue milking money out of their wallets they will not care.

They better, people will prefer a game that has integrity and a fair experience over one that lets people do what they want to whomever they want.

They won’t have a customer base except for trolls trolling each other or cheaters, like a MW2 lobby.

Wait really? Where did he say that?

No he/she was diamondd, not plat