Can we all agree on this?

It wasn’t on E.

I don’t agree.


Personally i Think Devs Should Try and Test
many different versions of the mass rezz, if none works, rezz individual and if it still does not work remove the Rezz

People think that the Rezz is difficult to balance when they have really tried only two versions, and the second has been worse than the first, so I have reason to think that Mass Rezz should return

Sure but even as ult it takes like 30 sec to fill it and you have much greater rez potential.

Because Rez is designed to be an ultimate, not an ability. Bringing back someone from the dead cannot be balanced as an ability, because either it would be too strong or too weak. Resurrect before invincibility would have been balanced if they knew how to balance it. People didn’t like that Mercy would be able to Rez behind walls. Fix? LOS in my opinion. People didn’t like that she would be able to Rez safely. Fix? Remove invincibility and add to Resurrect some kind of damage reduction. People didn’t like that Mercy would hide and then swoop in for a rez. Fix? If I was a troll I would say: A flanker, click on her head LOOOOOOL. But I am not, and I am gonna say that maybe, if Mercy isn’t healing, her ult should decrease. Let’s say you have Res ready. If you go into hiding, your ult could go from 100% to 85%. This could be the worst idea ever, but honestly, I couldn’t come up with anything better for this.

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I’ll just leave this here:

Resurrect as an ability could work if they change the nature of how it functions.

The mistake was they took it exactly how it was as an ult and just decreased the magnitude :man_shrugging:

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Yeah. legit no cast time, resets GA and so on. That was a big mistake imo

It is too impactful even as ultimate. It literally reverts the mistakes of the entire team.

30 seconds pfffff. I can get it in 15 /s

No, it did not charge in 30 seconds.

Need to go ,Remember the Actual Mercy’s Megathread is Titanium’s topic =)

And rez was a teamkill all over again if the mercy died.

Rez invuln ruined Rez.

It rewarded bad Mercy’s for poor ults.

  • Diamond Mercy player back in S3 and S4

I mean, Mercy is a priority target, so was her Resurrect ult. If you KNEW that she had Resurrect, and you didn’t see her in the fight, you might want to just bait a Res, then ult the dust out of her. I know that it was tilting to see your progress being erased, but… how come no one ever said this about Soldier ult, or Reaper ult, or McCree ult?(yeah well let’s not talk about McCree, since his ult is pretty bad, but what if someone kills an entire enemy team with it? Which would be pretty rare, just like 5 man resses imo). Both Reaper and Soldier have easy ways to kill entire teams, but no one ever talks about them. Why? Because they both had counters. You know what Mercy lacked? Counters. All of these changes would have made enough room for counterplay, and also the meta that is happening now. Hammond, Brigitte, Sombra hack, could all be checks/counters to her.

It is not worth the risk imo. if it is still too strong, we will have another year of OP mercy.

People were complaining that the Res before invincibility was too weak, as the allies would die right away because Mercy would have died there if she was in the middle of the enemy team. I would say that it would fit in just perfectly with the damage reduction and the 1 second cast time.

The things were way different back then.

Not sure how you’d make mass rez teamwork proof but you’re welcome to try.

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Reins entire kit is bugged.

Honestly, just remove him from the game while you fix all his bugs Blizz, then add him back when fixed. He might as well be unplayable right now.

That right there is what we call over reacting.

No, I won’t agree because Mercy is fine.

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