Can someone tell how does 35 shields


A flanker the size of a tank


It doesn’t, the thing i don’t like with doomfist is that you can’t control your trajectory after his ground slam unlike all the other boop like abilities.

I can live with that though.


When Doomfist is bad, he’s bad. When he works, he works so well that there’s nothing his victims can do. Whether these things trade off evenly doesn’t matter, because it’s just toxic design. At some point he’ll probably be nerfed or reworked to protect game health whether we like it or not.


damn I’m getting tired of this kind stuff. Stop comparing things that actually needed to happen to doomfist. Junk’s nades had a hit box that was drastically larger then the projectile was on screen. all they did was bring it closer to the accurate size… it’s still a larger hit box then the projectile is too in case you were wondering.


slam is not a boop, it pulls you in. You may not control the trajectory but you can control your facing in it so you can still turn around and mess the doomfist up if you’re an ana or brig.


it doesnt make him op, but it does make it MUCH harder to kill one which can be annoying

ive had it where a doomfist gently taps a guy gets a small bit of shields and survives just long enough to get away. we still won, but man i wanted that elim


Ummm…Do I even need to explain the issue with this one?


maybe you should try playing against doomfist your own rank?


But that wasn’t their reasoning at all, their logic was that the nerf would make him less frustrating to play against, they should have just nerfed every single overwatch character into the ground with that logic.

A area denial character that is terrible at area denial presently because the bomb size nerf should be complained about.

Also wasn’t the size of the actual bombs shrinked with the reduction in size?


no that wasn’t the reason at all. If that was true they would of taken away a mine or nerfed his trap.


The same reason people feel .2 seconds makes Sombra OP.

The same reason people feel like -10 hp/s makes a hero instantly trash tier.

The same reason people feel like .1 on Junkrat’s bombs make him no skill.

The same reason that -10 damage on Hanzo arrows makes him feel more balanced.

The same reason that McCree getting extra range on his ultimate was a great buff.

Because nothing makes sense around here.


I believe you have been mistaken, they only nerfed him because a bunch of lower ranks were often complaining, i’m gold and i don’t have a problem with him but people see characters like him or pharah and think they should be nerfed to the ground just because their false thoughts of “no skillz!” and the fact that they love to stand still infront of something that has the slowest projectile speed in the game, it was a pointless nerf that kinda ruined his kit.


Which gave the nades hit registration bugs that nerf everything but mindlessly spamming. I don’t think Junkrats grenades “need” to randomly phase through Widowmakers and Genjis.

Anyway, you can’t do anything about the salty people, but you can let them know that the extra shielding is only a minor buff considering Doomfist’s still weak to focus fire and interruptions as always.


Doomfist is “fine” in that he takes skill to get use out of. That said, he could be reworked into a tank or completely deleted from the game and I’d be incredibly happy. His playstyle is extremely annoying to play against and he’s downright oppressive against certain heroes.


It’s not OP it’s frustrating, the same for fighting any self healing character (I guess he gives himself shields but it’s the same). You just need one shot to finish him but BAM he has 35 bonus shields so your quick melee didn’t kill him. It feels like you got cheated.


this is what should happen, but they won’t.


>be Ana
>Doomfist solo ults you
>DoomfistOTP: sit


I do, which is why I don’t like DF. You would never balance around a bronze Widowmaker, but since she’s oppressive at higher ranks, she was nerfed. Doomfist has a 57% win rate in GM, only being beaten out by Mei because she has such a minuscule pick rate. I guess the top 1% of players just don’t know about Doomfist’s counters 4head.


Just remove his animation cancelling just like they did with Reinhardt. Seems retarded that he’s allowed to animation cancel for a ridiculus amount mobility while rein gets his entire kit gutted. (It was stealth nerfed last patch)


what do you mean?,it just makes the spam 1 shot less likely,thats all.