Can someone merge accounts after Overwatch 2 is released?

imma give an update to those who it might relieve a little frustration but i merged my xbox account with hundreds of hours with my 5hr pc account yesterday around 2:30 est and was in merge queue up until now and i have all my cosmetics on my pc account now :slight_smile:

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You just made me more frustrated, cause i did the merge several days ago and still nothing :smiley:

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update! so i merged on console since day 1 of OW2 and i had the same issues like everyone here. So i was stuck on the “waiting for account to be merged” so i decided to experiment and switched my xbox’s location to UK to use the EU servers since those aren’t being attacked by the ddos. After that the migration actually gave me a position number and 90,000 players later i got my stuff finally transferred. So long story short try switching the location of your consoles to UK or Asia to switch to the servers that aren’t getting ddosed. Even if you already started the migration progress it’ll work

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Thank you, so far works for me. 120k in the queue, there was no data on the EU servers about the length of queue. Gonna update after I got merged.

I’m so pissed off last thing I heard about OverWatch was they were going to keep the OverWatch one servers and then just releasing update the updates it to OverWatch 2 so whenever I download OverWatch 2 I lost all of my cosmetics because I didn’t know the account merch was even a thing because I thought OverWatch One servers we’re going to stay up and your stuff was automatically just going to be moved OverWatch too with the update

This just released this morning. So hopefully, while frustrating. it’s just a question about waiting as none of our stuff is gone. Hope you all rest easier with this info

happy update!!! I didnt merge until after downloading overwatch 2. In the morning merge wasn’t responding to being selected. When I logged in a bit later the prompt came up for me. After completeing the steps and logging out it said i was qued for merging. I tried again to check up on it and was error messaged out and stuck behind 90,000 actually 90,000 people and just gave up until now at 4 in the morning Was able to get into the game after only being behind 300 people and my old skins and emotes were there aswell as my career stats. My 1000 coins however did not survive and I needed to re assign my profile image but they were still all unlocked.

It seems like the brilliant and competent minds at blizzard need to manually transfer data at their own pace account by account because they never figured out a way for it to sync automatically. So eventually they will get to you.

nooooooow whether or not the servers ever get better and im not stuck at a loading screen at 3 am for 20 min thats a whole other can of worms :grimacing:


My only question is does an XBOX user who only ever played Xbox and no other platform still have to perform this “merge” function? Would it prevent them from accessing their OW1 content?

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Had the same question. I hope so! My account was connected to Blizz so we’ll see :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

/// UPDATE,edit
So I just logged into OW2 on xbox and it gave me the merge option again. I am in Que 180000 but at least something happening! heads up for ya’ll!

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I played on Xbox the whole time but I connected my Xbox account to the battle net to get into the OW2 beta. I didn’t click on the merge accounts thing before OW2 came out so I was worried I wouldn’t get my stuff but a few hours ago after logging in it gave me the merge account cue and I was able to get my skins and everything, just make sure your account is connected on battle net

Ok I’ll have her try this when I get home in the morning. Thank you for FINALLY someone giving a logical reply! :green_heart:

Essentially transferring your progress from PSN to a account, but seems like they’re sorting it out.

I can’t even press the merge button on my Switch, it’s there, but after pressing nothing happens, I’m not sure, it doesn’t show me that I’m in a queue or something like that


I finally had the merge option show up on my PC at around 3 AM so i clicked it and let it do its thing, but immediately it unlocked all the characters for me so i’m hopeful that i’ll get my stuff. there’s only 120,000 people in the queue in front of me so i’ll find out in a few days/weeks. Until then i’m just glad i can play the characters i wanted without doing the noob quests. The skins can wait as long as i get them, but i think the fact that all the characters unlocked means my data is there.


My merge is finally finished. Everything is back. Cosmetics, stats and all type of currencies (i dont know how did they calculate it to legacy tho).
Some recommendations:

  1. If you are in merge queue and cannot see your place in queue you can change your consoles location (i changed it to UK) and it will show up as someone recommended before. 120k queue lasted a day.

  2. If you dont see the merge option or cant click it on your console try installing ow2 on your pc and just start it there. My sh*tty laptop could manage the menu slowly. But after a while the option showed up on my console as well btw.

Good luck to everyone, and I am sure you all are going to get back your cosmetics, it is just one of the biggest game developer doing unreasonable and dumb things as they always do. :upside_down_face:

after the maintenance tonight all of my items were there. only thing missing was Widowmaker Noire but i can live without that. also had some legacy coins to buy some other skins i didn’t have. looks like they got the fix working and the process sped up.

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with PC account (acts as the main one) it seems

guys, its just a matter of patience

Finally got the option to merge, but I’m 290,000 in migration queue.

Do I leave the game open or close it though?

Now the merge button works on Switch, I was able to transfer all items from two consoles to my account after 7 hours of queue

free smurfs from consoles, cool, i dont even need to lvlup an alt, use merge, attach phone and you are rdy, dw, i have 30 accounts on playstation