Can Overwatch 2 win GOTY?

We know that story based PVE missions are still coming. Do you think that will catapult it ahead of games like Zelda, Diablo 4, Starfield, Spider-Man 2, Final Fantasy 16 and Resident Evil 4 for GOTY?


Absolutely not. The loss of PvE was more than just losing content (which I personally didn’t care for), it was the company lying to our faces for 4 years straight while starving us of content.

The game’s reputation won’t recover in time to make GOTY and quite frankly, they’d have to enhance the player experience with more than just overpriced skins and balance patches once a month to compete with the shiny new games like ff16.



He thinks Overwatch 2 deserves to even be considered for GOTY!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Best laugh I’ve had all day. Thank for that.


LMAOOOO the only time i’d genuinely thought i’d say this,


the devs killer their game, even if player counts are high, it’s the losing them that’s the issue. they may be high but overtime their slowly but surely quitting the game


is this a dev? hahaha no chance activision blizzard sht the bed with the entire IP


If Tears of the Kingdom doesnt’ win I’ll be sad. Its a great game while also an amazing feat given its stability for a physics engine on such a low spec platform.


This has to be a joke thread. Overwatch 2 isn’t a game anymore, it’s just a cashgrab at best for cosmetics. Anything else is mediocre at best.

The award goes to LoZ: TotK not even close.


Its not even a new game.


In the list, either OW2 or Starfield

But could be CP2077 dlc for ehat I know

Is this an out of season April Fool’s joke?


Not unless they recant their position of scrapping what they promised the community and actually deliver.

But we know they won’t. Trash company. Trash development team.

Let’s look at top tier releases of games for the year in general, there isn’t a lot of games atm that falls within the paremeters imo.

  1. Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (100000% sure it’s this that gets GotY)
  2. Star Wars Jedi: Survivors (disregarding the PC port issues)
  3. Hogwarts Legacy (excluding the J.K. Rowling drama that came with it)
  4. Resident Evil 4
  5. FF16 (Press X for doubt as a runner up)
  6. Starfield, but lol let’s no jinx it

If we ever get a runner-up on the indie side this year

  1. Hollow Knight - Silk Song (if it ever launches despite the delayed launch date)
  2. Bomb Rush Cyberfunk (Launches in August, reminescent of the Jet Set Radio era, this could easily blow up if done right)
  3. Hades 2 (if it launches this year)

There’s Diablo 4 that could maybe get in there, sadly or fortunately?, it could easily just be skipped because Blizzard as a whole company is a serious joke of a business this year. So like, that’s going to be a hard no from me.


There’s no way this is a serious question. Overwatch 2 doesn’t even qualify and if it did it wouldn’t even get nominated.


sure it can if acti forks over the $$$ to buy the award

the game awards is p2w bs, its designed to advertise games, not recognize excellence

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It can grow if it chooses a player base. It either needs to appeal more to moba players or fps players but balancing for both makes everyone unhappy and strangles the player base.

They should honestly have a 5v5 and a 6v6 with hero’s balanced for both.

5v5 for fps players with nerfs to moba heros
6v6 balanced for moba players with nerfs to fps hero’s and buffs to moba hero’s

Fortnite for example had build and no build and it gre its player base. Not a hard concept

5v5 is the worst thing to happen to OW. It broke to many break points in the game that now there having to rebalance everything to make it work. why not just make a new game OH THEY CANCELED IT.


The only way that’s happening is through bribery.

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I love 5v5. But have hated the balance since mid season 2

It is likely you liked 6v6 and more of the moba style of ow1

If they arnt going to make a pve game.

Why not just have 2 separate playlists balanced differently for 2 different types of players?

Fortnite did it with build and no build

it took several years for OW1 to get to a somewhat balanced state. OW2 took all that and threw it out the window for 5v5. Expect it to take several years again.


A snowball has a better chance in hell than this game winning anything anymore, especially GotY. Also everyone knows that Zelda is gonna take it. Those developers put way more effort into their game than these developers did with this one.