Can I add multiple unpredictable values to an array?

Hey! I’m trying to work on two different gamemodes that both can use a feature that idk if it doesn’t exist or idk how to use it.

The goal, for example, is to be able to add a new value to an array for every event damage that was done.

You can make an event that detects that a player dealt damage, but being able to store each individual time is quite hard. The other is to detect players who are in the range of Orisa when ulting, and add them to a list to be able to apply rules to them.

I know a way I can do it is to use the slot of the players as indexes in the array, but my previous problem still stands. How can I apply multiple unpredictable values to an array?

Is there a subreddit dedicated to custom games? if yes, you can ask there I doubt that workshop fans are sitting on this forum

What makes you think that? Maybe the OP’s question is not answered immediately like in any other forums or sub forums, how ignorant and rude to relay on frequently instead of quality, but i assume those General “fans” doesn’t know what that means or how to do a proper find and search routine to get answers by themself. But back to answer OP’s question, no you can’t add multiple values whose actually containing data like event damage is at runtime not known yet, the workshop first needs to register that a damage event has occured, then mathematically calculate the damage internally and then if its got a logically numerical output you can append that to an array, it is a step by step process and there is no other way around it except to apply by a guess or pre known fixed values like what each hero’s damage ouput is per ability or weapon per shot and use.


The discord server is a good place for workshop questions.

For this specific question, please clarify - I don’t quite understand (a) why you want to add a new value (what value?) to an array every time damage is done, and (b) what difficulties you are having with using the “player dealt damage” event for this.