Can all 2CP Maps and the Gamemode be Reworked?

Add something to push from A to B, and I won’t skip any maps.

I can definitely see that, yeah. Trying to imagine Volskaya turned into 3CP boggles my mind, it looks like it’s built very much with 2CP in mind. Idk where you guys would even put a 3rd point.

That being said, maybe it would be worth the effort. Maybe you guys could give the community a a few blockout maps of 3CP on PTR and see how it goes?

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I think it is worth looking into Paris. It feels like everyone hates that map.

New youtube videos incoming titled “JEFF CONFIRMS CHANGES TO 2CP!!”

For me, 2CP attack rounds feels hopeless when my team can’t group up. Has the dev team looked into ways to ensure the team actually regroups between lost fights?

Will there ever be an option for us to que in for the type of maps we want to play. Like i dislike king of hill maps but i like 2cp or payload ones. ?

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I agree it can be frustrating but the real issue is really with Paris and HLC that tarnishes the name of the mode, I think HLC is better than Paris but only since point 2 is unique and can lead to some fun fights but Paris is overall awful with the awful choke point on point A and then the inevitable steamroll of point B being captured right after point A is captured

pls let us game mode select. at least for qp.


I love them, but I mostly play QP.

Can KOTH disappear off the face of the planet?

KOTH is even more annoying and one-sided to whoever wins the first brawl.

In 2CP, it’s always been a matter of who has both better defence and better attack, giving both teams the advantages and disadvantages.

But in KOTH, even if you try to contest point, it still continues to count up the percentage which is personally the dumbest design ever.


That’s Capture the Flag.

Ever consider a 3-CP or 5-CP map mode? TF2 had a lot of success with 5-CP maps like CP_Badlands and CP_Granary since you get both attack (push) and defense in the same mode, plus the match can swing in any direction, including huge comebacks. Plus you can just take the winner of one round (if you want) since both teams have an equal opportunity to push for victory in the same round.

As for 2CP, the spawns are generally way too close to the final CP considering the capture time required. That, and the fact that most map space between the two CPs is just filler where almost no action takes place.

Paris, for example, has great visuals but is probably 65% wasted space as many areas serve no tactical purpose. There are all these indoor spots in the first half of the map that don’t go past the first choke (or provide any useful sightlines), or they’re only available after the choke and are completely exposed to the same highground overlooking the choke. Then the outdoor area between CP1 and CP2 seems only intended to make the walk longer.

Paris is an easy fix.

On Attacking point A, just put a doorway in the left side of the choke.

And for the last objective, just replace all the highgrounds with staircases.

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2CP is my fav mode by far
Then hybrid
Then payload
Then control, least fav by far

It isn’t tho. CTF, you grab the flag and take it back to your base. In this, you cap the enemy point & hold. It’s only “CTF” in the sense that both teams have an objective they’re working on. It’s probably closer to standard MOBA modes than CTF (i.e. where both teams have an enemy objective to destroy)

JeffreyKaplan,is there some kind of art of the father of genji and hanzo?
or is it a secret

This is quite true. I belong to this group of people. I used to dislike the best of five format of KOTH a lot more.

I hate that sooo much.

It’s even worse when you’re on a DPS and you take out both their healers, then you die, and your team refuses to push the point when they’re 5v4 with no heals on the enemy team…


Assault is possibly my favorite game mode in Overwatch. Only contender for the throne is the Archives PvE missions, which isn’t set as favorite for the simple reason that they are not available full time.

I’m a defensive-minded player, which is no surprise why I used to main Symmetra 2.0 and Torbjorn 1.0. Assault is the only game mode where it was actually challenging to exert my defensive prowess. Getting a full hold is the most satisfying feeling I get in this game, up to this day, given how many advantages the attacking team have on point A.

Control is basically winning the first fight, and it’s not that hard to just stagger the point up to ~85% and then win the next teamfight. When your team have a good defense, Control is one of the less exciting modes in the game.

Escort, on the other hand, is too much snowball. Because of the mobile contesting point, it need to be held upon certain chokepoints to make a unified defensive front, but in ladder people are just too impatient and rarely they allow the payload to just move up to the choke, and throw themselves into the cart at terrible points to fight, and half the team die, and we miss the opportunity to actually form a good defense.

Assault, because the defensive point is static and the attacking team actually have advantages in both points (closer spawn on A, multiple attack fronts on B), it’s very fun to play.

But I know I’m an exception for liking the defensive side of fights. Most players I meet enjoy attacking more than defending. Maybe that’s why they dislike Assault, because if you get a good attack, you only need to win one fight, but if you fail to coordinate a push, you lose hope of winning as the clock tick down. So it feels more like a punishment than an extra opportunity.

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2cp is my favourite game mode and i think the maps are the most beautiful in the whole game. Hanamura, Volskaya, and Anubis are all stunning to walk through.

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