Came back, constant Mercy spam makes me quit again

It doesn’t matter if she’s broken or not, she’s so annoying to play against and is in almost every single game that I just don’t want to play OW.

Her res shouldn’t be in the game period and is broken by concept.

And it’s boring and tiring to always play “Chase the Mercy”

That’s actually what 90% of my time in OW2 boils down to and I’m not a fan, no thanks.

See you again OW2, back to Fortnite.

I’ll now link the amazing Samito clip of him raging at Mercy’s ridiculous res.

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The ironic part of the video you posted is the Mercy’s team lost every single fight right after she rezzed and she immediately died herself right after half the clips :joy:


You missed the point of everything.


No, I didn’t. I think Mercy’s rez needs to be removed/replaced, I’ve been saying that for months. I think her mobility needs to be reverted to how it was in OW1 before it became easy and frustrating to fight.

But I think that Samito video is just ironic and funny, that’s all.


Yes, you did.

It’s not ironic because it doesn’t matter if they lose every fight, her rez shouldn’t be in the game and is the most frustrating/unfun thing to play against in this game, that’s all the clip is showing.

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It does though, she kept causing her team to lose because she would stop healing them in a hectic fight to rez someone and her team would die in the process and then she would die right after for being in a vulnerable spot after it finished

It was probably the worst video to highlight the frustrations of Mercy rezzes

A good video would have shown how unfun it is to be engaged in a constant poke battle for 2 minutes straight with Mercy rezzing the enemy DPS in the backline every time they finally get killed, over and over and over again


It’s ok bro, I aint reading all that, we’ll just agree to disagree.

Posts on the forums but won’t read other people’s replies, classic


The one hero that doesn’t even attack you is the one that makes dozens of people cry online constantly.


I feel ya OP. Same reason I’ve played so much less. The healing creep is too much. And there is no weakness to Mercy if a support’s goal is to do exactly all the things she is very strong in doing. So the “minus one gun” part becomes irrelevent at so many ranks that it is easily overcome.

Like what sounds more OP? 5 guns or four plus one that is constantly being matlintained.

In military terms…the four will always have the advantage.


Well, I wish it was true at the lower ranks and not the top ones, then. No disrespect meant to Mercys out there, but the damage gap due to having a Mercy on side in a metal rank team is really noticeable. The rest of us aren’t exactly hitting all our shots, so we could really do with everyone chipping in.

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Unless you get another player determined to hunt her down at all times, it is lost cause. Most of the time she is just being let alone because chasing her is waste of time while she can still heal perfectly fine.

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Yeah, the one hero that doesn’t attack you.

She just forces your win condition to be dive the pocket/engage Mercy. While making the DPS she’s pocketing incredibly difficult to deal with.

What’s Mercy doing during this time? Hiding behind a wall or pressing 2 buttons on short cooldowns that make her neigh impossible to pin down.

Oh you couldn’t camp the person you just killed in the hectic teamfight? Too bad buddy - rez time.

The hero is preposterous and the dev’s are too scared of Mercy’s angsty playerbase to actually fix her.


damn you read her to FILTH :joy:

Also doesn’t help that she’s now so bugged that she’s kinda forced to pocket even harder.

But no every time someone brings that up they kinda ignore it and don’t bother listening.

Her GA will literally just stop midway. It will stutter and keep you in place. You can’t even GA to teammates on high ground-and no I’m not even referring to the use of SJ, she could always do it with just basic GA.

Or how rez roulette is back of there more than one soul in her vicinity.


Mercy just needs a nerf.

I have gotten to a point where I can handle every other support hero and the most elusive and hardest to deal with has always been Mercy.

There’s no wasting a CD or redirecting her focus. There is no wittling down. There’s no dueling her that’s for sure. And I can’t even pick her off alone. I can’t bait her or displace her. I can’t just simply focus her without wasting a massive amount of time and effort.

I have to use so much aggression and thought and adjustment to even deal with one that its absurd how much effort I need to put just to down her and if they’re good at the movement…its gameover unless I get help.

This has caused me to make Ana and Junkerqueen necessary picks for my hero pools. I hate playing these two.


I don’t know how you keep doing it, I just stopped playing the game :joy:

I am barely hanging on.

Eventually I can force someone else alone to pick off or hope that my mines get picks.

Eventually I can kill her, but man is it unfun dealing with that nonengagement Mercy forces.


They barely wrote a paragraph & you come in with “I aint reading all that”.

Even if they get rid of rez, please stick to Fortnite. You don’t even need to return to test the waters.



Beacuse I can make the same argument about anything with your logic of “I don’t personally like it”!