Calling it now. 20$ to skip hero unlocking

I am calling it now that all this story around new user experience is just fluff for make people cough 20$ for either instant unlock or get 5x XP boost for faster unlocks.

Anyone falling for there story, I have a nice bridge to sell you.

Thought premium bp (10$ USD) gets u all heroes automatically even if ur new

I’ll give them $40 right now for a “Gameplay Pass”. As long as I can play all the content including PvE I’m fine with giving them money. Cosmetics and BP can remain the same. I just want to know I can play the darn game without periodic purchases.

You already failed because the BP is £10 and gives instant access to heroes locked behind BP.

I bought the Watchpoint Pack because i’ve loved playing this game with my friends for so many years, and I believe in the developers and all the teams behind Overwatch. They’ve got the first few seasons to keep my interest in keeping the pass :slight_smile:

Watchpoint lets you skip. So $40?

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