"but other f2p games also lock heroes"

the loadout helps customizing your hero and helps you adapt to the situation.
overwatch’s only way to adapt to the situation is swapping heroes

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They might have some? idk they dont talk during matches because it doesnt fit the lore

OW has teams and hero rivalries that create dialog during the match. Fortnite is a bunch of lone wolves that dont want to talk to each other lore wise

I’m actually watching Fortnite uploads atm :rofl:
It’s been a while since last I even cared to bother looking but apparently they DO have a “Battle Pass” for such no frills low budget FPS gaming fetish.

A shame that it’s never progressed much besides that… I mean, we literally got Lucio lore from a voice line, when we could’ve gotten a comic better detailing such.

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overwatch lore had been stuck at “winston recalls overwatch” (literally the first cinematic you see when you boot up the game) for 6 years.
it was basically ALL backstory

meanwhile paladins lore actually moves forward with pretty much every update and heroes lore often sets up future heroes

What you dont realize is FN has a huge team working consiotnalty on updates despite the lack of voice acting

They probably have one of the biggest teams in the business

Even then, most of the characters got very little development in their backstory:

Name one instance where we got to see WHY Overwatch were considered heroes by the public; there is none.

Every event we see in the past shows Overwatch either in a negative public perception, or on the brink of disbanding.

We never actually saw a single instance where Overwatch was in a positive light.

Better yet, in the span of two years, Valorant showcased the following:

  • Who really cause Ascent
  • Earth-2
  • Earth-1 attacking Earth-2
  • Valorant being blackmailed (revealing all agent’s names and backstories)
  • Currently on the hunt for the next agent who’s been causing problems.

Low talent. No skill Dev Team. It’s blatantly obvious.

I’m seeing massive clipping everywhere as Trees just appear out of thin air as Spider-Man slings himself across a desolate Map w/ very little detail whatsoever.

Admittedly Season 4 recent uploads look improved yet the game’s animation is still absolutely atrocious. Graphics still bland though slightly more detailed.

It ain’t APEX that’s for certain let alone OW2

Might as well just compare OW2 to 007 Goldeneye on N64 tbh. What’s the difference. It’s extremely low quality.

None of it benefits gamers? I’m getting tons of content, for free. Also, the game will be alive again. Both of these things seem like a large benefit, at least to me, lol.

What bells and whistles? lol. I’m getting new characters, cosmetics, game modes, updated engine, tons of stuff for free. And if I want to pay, I’ll get even more stuff. Not sure what is bad about this, but, I guess everyone has an opinion, lol.

Yes. “everyone” here would rather that they just give you stuff for free. We know this.

If it’s THAT big of a deal to you to grind, pay $10 every 4 months. Is that really asking too much? lol.

It sounds like brig should’ve been locked out of competitive for the first two weeks then, so they could balance her better.

some maps have been better than others and they change them constantly. over the years there have been times where i liked it a lot and others where i didnt and stopped playing. personally i did like the map in chapter 2 better than 3

Sounds like you have a huge vendetta against this game though. have fun with that

…she was, you know?

I guess I had forgotten about that, lol.

I even responded to that thread with one of the first comments.

182 likes. How wrong we were, lol.

Honest opinions do NOT constitute as Vendettas.

It’s in your FACE. Every upload you watch.

It’s like lowest budget Devs on Earth formulating an uninspired World of empty attention to detail and everything is just generic no frills looking bland gameplay.

Honest criticism is Extreme?

Fortnite is the pinnacle of Dumpster Gaming. Why should I pretend it’s not when clearly it’s present in its very own existence via every upload you watch minus Season 4 cgi CS.

Meh, i liked the chapter 2 map. 3 is a little dull

if something is free you are the product.
never forget this.

I will remember that next time someone gives me something for free. Thank you. Because, that phrase makes PERFECT SENSE

And I kind of hope I’m “the product” a lot in life. I like free things, lol.

my posts refers to games mostly
enjoy being an npc mindlessly grinding the next pass so that people spending money can feel better about the guy playing for free.

Okay, I will? If I’m not enjoying it, I just won’t do it…


don’t worry, the serotonin from unlocking the next battlepass level will do its best to delay you leaving as long as possible

Well, great! I’m a big fan of serotonin! lol. Looking forward to some serotonin boosts. I hope this game can provide that.

…If I’m getting serotonin from unlocking battle passes, that means I’m enjoying it. Do you kids actually not understand that? lol