But is Torb really a dwarf?

I dunno about that personally. He has stated that he isn’t. It’s a valid possibility that he isn’t one too. He could just have Fairbank’s Disease.

People like Danny Devito have it and he’s legally not considered a dwarf. He’s just short.

Sure he’s 4’7 but he still passes for having Fairbank’s.


God of war reference

I haven’t played a GoW game. Can you elaborate?

I could see him having Fairbank’s disease. It would explain his height, and it could explain why Brigitte is so much taller than him and Ingrid, he may be genetically taller than his actual height. Would also explain his defensiveness towards alleged dwarfism

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Dwarfs are everywhere in gow ragnorok

It doesn’t work out with ingame interactions though…

Brig specifically has a interaction where she’s asked by Reinhardt to build a new armor for herself.

She in turn responds that: “She isn’t growing anymore and that she’s already alot taller than expected knowing her father.”

So unless she wasn’t made aware of it, which’d be surprising it wouldn’t have come up once with her age.