Bugs since patch Oct 12, got worse in patch Oct 26

lots of bugs in the current two patches. 26th patch made them worse and added new ones.

Game video freezes while match continues.
screen freezes as if you hit the pause button. but game is still running and correct audio is still playing. i can still move and shoot. after about 2-4 seconds, video startes rendering again and i can see where i am going again. happens every 5 or 6 matches. 26th patch makes this happen more often. now happening about every other match.

pressing Ult button does not activate ult.
counter maxes out and the animation occurs. pressing your ult button (i have two buttons, one on keyboard, and one on mouse) does not active the ability. happens with every character. feels like the displayed counter is wrong? like I am only at 98%. need to do a bit more damage to be able to activate my ult.

player speed moving backwards is reduced.
wheni try to move backwards, my speed seems to be reduced by 1/3 if not 1/2. really sucks when i am trying to back out of an encounter and it feels like i am standing still.

booted for inactivity
todays new one is being booted for inactivity at the start of the match. picked a character and spawned in the room, started walking out and the big red 10 second timer starts. i am walking, shooting, tried to emote. then i am kicked out of the match.

at this rate, I wont be able to play ranked.
can we get a fix for these two patches? or roll them back?

I haven’t experienced any of these issues you mentioned. It sounds like there may be something happening on your local system or with the connection. All we can in this forum is give fellow players tools to work on troubleshooting efforts on their own. This is not a direct line to developers, and none of these sound like bugs. If so, they would go in #bug-report. If you want to troubleshoot, post your DxDiag and WinMTR like the sticky thread requests.

humm, i now see the bug report forum. not sure how i missed that,
how can i move this post over there? should i delete and repost? or is there a move function?

Most of what you’re reporting here are not bugs. So you would want to do troubleshooting instead.

not sure how these can not be defined as ‘bugs’
started with one patch, got worse with a second patch.
been working on my machine and i have run out of things to fix here.
rebooted, reinstalled the game, rolled windows back, (then updated it forwards again), played with the video drivers. played with the razer drivers (mouse only. have a standard keyboard)
the only thing i cant do is roll back overwatch to prove it.
i cant even add replay codes to show the problem.
the ‘booted’ one did not generate a replay for me to code.
the ult button issue wont show up in a replay.
graphics freeze wont show up in a replay either. they play fine when i view them (i see myself moving while the video freezes)
the backwards player movement shows up in the replay, but its tough to tell. just looks like i stand there and take it.

i did send in a tech support request.
i got assigned a person, and they sent the generic auto response of two pages of directions to reset my graphics drivers.
oddly enough, after he responded, the issue went away. so i figured somesort of fix was quietly rolled out.
however, once the oct 26 patch came out, they came back and got worse.

all other games run fine.
including other blizzard games. (play Star Craft 2)
unreal tournament runs fine.
no issues with the library of steam games including VR.
bluestacks running smooth. (but those are not too intense of games)

Because all of the issues you’ve described can easily be attributed to local machine issues. Your post is very hard to follow, but if you reset the drivers and it went away last time, then it proves the issue was on the machine, at least back then. You still haven’t provided anything that can be used for troubleshooting. Please add the DxDiag and WinMTR, which is exactly what the staff requests at the top of the forum, and would request via the ticket system.

To make troubleshooting effective, please try to express steps and issues in a concise manner.

i thank you for the quick responses.
but i see that these bugs wont be reported up.
i will move this post manually into the bug report forum.

DxDiag and WinMTR were sent in before.
the tech found nothing in them.

all attempts to resolve this issue my self have failed as noted above.
the issues were fixed when the tech did something on their end.
and the bugs then returned with the next patch.
i have attempted most of these fixes again myself with no luck.
what ever is wrong, is wrong on the server end.
hence the bug report to make the developers aware.

at this point i will wait for the winter wonderland event and see if they clear up then.


=== Update! ===

(apparently i cant post anything right now, have to ‘wait for others to participate’ whatever that means. but i can edit)

wanted to share an update with the forum.

i took a break from the game to let the bug work its way out. saw the game update at least once. been playing for the last week or so. game has been running great! no issues. and the above bugs have all been fixed! i made no changes on my end. so it looks like the game updates have fixed it. thank you!

however, (sadly) in the last hour here tonight, i am now getting this one
‘BLZOWCLI00000006’ = An external program has caused Overwatch to crash.
Sucks because it seems to pop up right at the game end. won 2 games and didn’t get credit because it crashed.

guess i will give it a restart and wait till the weekend to try again.

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