Bug that caused a skin purchase

So I was looking at Sojourne’s skins. Thought the Runner one was pretty. Was typing to someone about it and saying it was available for Legacy Credits. and while I had the chat box opened and was actively typing a message, it took me hitting “spacebar” not only as putting a space in the message I was typing, but also as me hitting the “Unlock” button, and before I realized what had happened, it took a second “spacebar” tap as me hitting the “Yes” button.

I doubt I’ll get my Legacy Credits refunded over this, but I figured I’d post so other people are aware to be careful when viewing skins and typing in chats.


OW2 chat inputs got so messed up in Beta 2 that it reacts in game while writing in text box. I was hoping this will be fixed before launch, seems not the case.

I have Hide UI under ; so I can’t type this in chat anymore because it hides UI while writing.

My friend was a victim of this bug. While trying to chat to me she accidentally purchased Kiriko’s legendary skin for 1900 credits. =\

Hey all,

I also experienced this bug and my ticket response today basically said too bad. Was anyone here able to get it resolved?