Buff Reaper 2018

I think it’s pretty clear after this PTR patch that Reaper is trash(has been trash since season 2), I’M basically begging for buffs at this point. But it seems like the forums would rather cry about Mercy instead of caring about a Hero who is actually trash compared to a Hero who is average but might need a few small tweaks down the road.


Reaper, Mei, Sombra, Sym. They are all trash, and have been forever. I thought Reaper would see some play with Hammond showing up, but, it seems not.

Reaper needs buffs, and this is from someone who doesn’t play Reaper.


Do it buff him! There’s no excuse or reason to not do so! I think he could use a long range attack of SOME kind, even Rein and Brig have their own way of doing long range damage. Even Doom can elbow drop from 80 miles away, so now that I think about it, Reaper is legitimately the ONLY hero who can’t attack anyone more than 10 feet away :face_with_head_bandage:

I don’t play him THAT much but I still miss his old soul orb system way more than I enjoy his current ‘leech 10 hp every 6 shots you land on someone’

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Brigitte isn’t exactly a range hero.

Tracer / Sombra are not great either.

I think they should just tighten up his guns, and give him a lot more life steal. I don’t think he needs a rebuild.

Give Him A Faster Teleport

To Reaper buffs.


Faster tele would be good. being able to pick up Souls to extends his wraithform would be nice (since it would mean reaper could… Reap again…)

Usually I don’t use the full wraith form anyway though because it sets you out of combat too long. That’s one reason they added the cancel. Maybe add back the souls for speed or extra healing

Fu* Reaper.
First it was fi* McCree, no it’s fu* Reaper.

All the heroes you listed are situational or require good teamwork.

guess thats it

A situational hero SHOULD be vasty better in their situation.

None of these heroes are. They are just under powered.

They are not specialists, they are just broken.

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Yeah their all uniquely terrible in every situation except mei shes fine

A tank/shield buster, picked to counter goats/dive. He’s really good at his job and he isn’t underpowered at all. I’ll admit there’s nothing to Reaper than just to hold M1 and pray for the best tho. Just when you see people play Reaper counters against you, switch.
A crowd control hero used mainly because of her ice wall ability. Sometimes she can play an off tank’s role. With Mei’s recent buffs I wouldn’t consider her underpowered at all. Again - you see your counters, switch.
She’s not situational, she’s kind of a soft counter to everything, but she’s completely team reliant. Your job as Sombra is to give your team information on where the enemy team is going, what they’re doing, assassinate an enemy who’s out of position and start teamfights with EMP.
Not underpowered at all, but very team reliant. Teleporter becomes really useless when you don’t call it out to your team. Your job as Symmetra is to move your team around the map as quickly as possible.

Which explains their pick rates at high ranks right?

You can tell who is broken or not by looking at masters+ and seeing who is picked.

There is a reason people don’t Mei up there, and it has nothing to do with “she isn’t fun to play”

I mean, you can think they are good, but the stats show they REALLY are not.

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you know reaper was f tier in dive right and is f tier rn you really dont know what youre talking about do you if he actually countered dive tanks then it wouldnt have been the prevalent meta for so long

I made a thread talking about why Reaper sucks and what he needs. I feel you bro.


How bout just remove shadow step. and turn it into summon shadow
it summons a Reaper illusion on someplace you picked. And pushing it again exchanges your place with him instantly.

Apparently we need to form a community and spam the forums with threads like this one and never let them die guys, thats the way!

No, for real. Its insane how with the amount of info, stats and everything theres still people that say “Reaper is fine”. Its like denying the sky is blue lol.

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Yeah its a meme but is real.