Buff Brigitte, she's useless now

well, if she can sustain a team solo, why would she be weaker with a zen as an off healer.
She still has the highest healing per match, she still has the kit of a main healer (nerfing her main healng doesn’t change that, rein wouldn’t become an off tank if they reduced his shield’s health).

she NEVER had any form of burst healing.

She’s not picked for sustain, she’s picked for mobility and damage boost. There isn’t a single other healer that could be used in 4-1-1 because of how split the team is and how no one in that setup can peel for support.

Mercy + zen was a great pick. I don’t know what changed, but landing a single good dynamite as ashe or having torb just counters it pretty hard atm. (And that’s not considering goats even). You have 2 single target healers. It really struggles against cleave.

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…? I never said she did. I said they never gave her one, meanwhile all other healers have some form of burst healing. Brigitte has her E and Ultimate, Moira has her Orb, Lucio has Amp It Up, Ana has her heal grenade and her ultimate provide a substantial amount of healing plus damage reduction plus damage boost, and Bastiste has his shift and his ultimate makes his healing grenades do 100% more healing.

On top of lacking something most other healers have she has more restrains on her abilities compared to all other healers. She’s the only one that only has two abilities not reliant on other people. Her pistol and her ultimate and that’s it. And her ultimate just makes her other abilities a little bit better and gives her some form of AoE healing.

…in what way brig ult is a burst heal?
Lucio is not really a burst.

You know what “burst” heal means? It means healing done instantly. Armor Pack and Nanoboost are Burst. Even ana shots are burst, but she heals in single burst with some downtime. If ana misses a shot she loses on much more healing than you would think.

Moira doesn’t burst, just has a very high hps. Lucio’s Amp is what, 30 hps or something?

How many time are you realistically without allies?

exactly, that’s why she has:

  • no ammo or resource to manage
  • no need to worry about barriers
  • no need to aim
  • can fly to whoever needs help every 1.5 seconds

So many limitations that other healers don’t have. She trades strong healing for consistency.

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The lowest pickrate of all supports

Supports have naturally higher pickrate since there are only 7 of them

Yeah, no.
Don’t expect buffs anytime soon.

Honestly brig deosent need buffs and might need more nerfs honestly. She is still really Strong and very consistent. Also easy heros shouldn’t make the game horrible to play for the rest of the playerbase.

Complaining about skillful, gun mechanic intensive heroes in a shooter game. Just…just wow.


Okay, but other Jeff even admitted Brig is bad in 2-2-2. I can only hope balance Geoff meant she is still very strong in 3-3. Because, well, she IS bad when she is not surrounded by excessive tanking and healing.

I think there should be a stun buff where she does around 90 damage.

Lol, that is the worst idea I have ever heard.


Except that’s literally what Brigitte has to do now, because she doesn’t have a combo and uses that to proc her heals.

Soldier and McCree are pretty simple too, they just require aim.

Winston and Reinhardt are also very simple and require very little aim.

Many of the “basic” heroes have the highest skill cap.
The length of the ability description doesn’t determine the quality of a hero.
Now McCree is actually an awfully designed hero, who just accidentally received a hitscan gun, but that’s besides the point.

I think for right now they won’t mess with her until these dps buffs come through. We also don’t know how brig will play around baptiste, or what the best support combo’s will be.

Right now, in the currently live version of the game, she needs to stay put. I’d say only look at her once the data from the new patch goes through. That’d be the smartest way to assess her situation.

i beg to differ

No they are. They have a very simple design, that requires very little aiming.

I’d you’re looking for a aim intensive shooter with complicated mechanics, Overwatch is not it.

just because they dont need to aim doesnt make them easy heroes, personally i think Reinhardt and Winston are the hardest heroes in the game

She’s still one of the best supports in the game, though?

Are you really suggesting that a damage boosted Brig should one shot 200HP heroes while they cant do anything?
That is basically how it was with Tracer, do it and Overwatch will officially die.
She is fine now, great in lower ranks, ok-ish in higher ranks.
Let this patch go trough, and then Brigitte changes can be discussed.

It’s not just aiming. Do you understand that?

Their kit is very simplistic, especially Winston’s. They’re all about positioning. Which Brigitte relies heavily on too.